Friday, September 15, 2006


Biting the bullet

I have been fiffing and faffing with the idea of starting a blog. I was inspired by my friend Miscellaneous Mum who has begun a blog just recently, with the idea (I think) of practising her writing skills. I am also inspired by a couple of very clever and funny bloggers that I have stumbled across. Dooce is an American woman who has a way with words that leaves me in awe (and often in hysterics.) Mimi Smartypants has a very cool and clever name, and, again, has that way with words that makes me envious!

I have never had huge aspirations to be a writer, but I seem to spend a lot of time doing so lately. I've had an online diary that I made private, because while I didn't mind the idea of faraway/online friends reading it, I cringed at the thought of local acquaintances stumbling across it! So, that remains my private, bedside-diary-replacement, and place where I can write my daily drivel in semi-private!

Here I will attempt to write succinctly, and apply wit to daily issues - whether they be as mundane as my inability to get off on housework, or as profound as a comment on the political woes besetting Australia and the world.

I have started a family bike riding blog, because that is our latest passion.

I have also been doing a family website, and writing up various family tours. Sometimes people tell me I write well. Sometimes I think I can; sometimes I don't. I figured I might as well practice! Who knows where it might lead. Dooce (as referred to above) now makes a living from her blogging! I don't think I am that good at writing, but perhaps the practice will open doors to potential money-earning-from-writing gigs.

I am also blundering around in html-land, trying to tweak the template to give the blog a unique 'me' look. I understand only half of what I am doing! I wish it was possible, Matrix-like, to download all I need to know about it into my brain! (And why does it look different in Firefox compared to IE?!! - if any html smartypants can look at the code, and tell me how to reduce the sidebar width (relative to the main column) so that it looks ok in both Firefox and IE I will be eternally grateful!)


So this, dear world, is Tracey becoming a dreaded "Mommy Blogger"... with the caveat that I am actually a MUMMY blogger, because in Australia I am a MUM.

Yes, I did cringe for a bit at the idea of doing the whole Mum Blog thing.. but the (sad) reality is that that is what I am.. no more, no less, really. In the absence of having a paid job, I can only lay claim to being a Mum, albeit a tandem-riding one!

Not that I don't have interests and opinions that aren't related to being mother to 3 girls. I might get on my soapbox about other things.. I can be a bit passionate about quite a few things that get up my nose!

Well, whatever.. this is MY blog, about our life.. from MY point of view! Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?!

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