Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Who am I and why did I come to Blogland?

I called my blog 'crazytrace' but I am not actually 'crazy' in the 'she's a hoot' kind of way, which is probably a bit of a disappointment. The blog might be more interesting if I was even a little bit eccentric

As a mum (ho hum), yes another one.. with a husband and 3 kids - it's more the 'you lot drive me crazy' kind of crazy, and that probably applies at least occasionally to most parents if they are honest with themselves.

Some people also think we are crazy with the activities we choose to do, like riding bikes a few hundred kilometres, or abseiling into narrow gorges (which we call canyoning).

So, I'm going with crazy. (And it does make me feel a bit eccentric.)

I initially tagged this blog with the Line "Mutterings of a Manic Mother" But sometime in November 06 [yep, this is an edit...] I read another blog which had a big whinge about the self deprecating blog tags of people using the label 'drivel', 'musing' and even 'muttering'. Ye gods, I thought. That is so me.Guilty Your Honour. And yes, it is so bloody boring. So no more drivelling, musing or muttering for me.

HOWEVER. I do still see myself as a tad manic because I swing between days when I feel energized and passionate about things, to days when I have trouble motivating myself to do the bare minimum that is required to get through the day, let alone figure out what to do when I grow up. (Technically that is manic-depressive I suppose.. but let's not get technical.)

Anyways.. and Whatever... Lately I write in some sort of attempt to try and sort out these feelings. And to try and rationalise who I am, and where I fit in the scheme of things.

I stuff around with a family website which pretty much summarises who I think I am, as well as how I see each of the rest of the family.

I am tentatively making this journey into Blogland because I find myself composing potential blog posts in my mind. 'Tis a forlorn attempt to try to write with wit and brevity. (As you'll see, the 'brevity' bit needs a lot of work.)

Perhaps it is some sub-conscious desire to prove to myself that the BA Degree I did more than 20 years ago was not entirely wasted. Hey look, I can string a few words together here; I might be "just a mum" but I'm not stupid! And maybe if I practise writing enough, I'll get good enough at it to find a way of earning money out of it.

It is probably, however, simply because it involves less energy output than emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming the house, or cleaning the bathroom.

If nothing else, I can shatter the illusion that all 'Stay-At-Home-Mothers's are domestic goddesses, and supermums, with immaculate houses.


Yep, I think i suffer from your kind of crazy as well....!

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