Wednesday, August 15, 2007


High maintenance.

Oh cripes, I'm becoming "high maintenance". Not in the usual sense of the word- nothing could be further from the truth in that regard! I'm not the fancy sports car - I'm the 20 year old family car that is starting to need more and more ongoing maintenance and repairs just to keep it on the road.

There was the unscheduled chiropractor visit on Monday ($45 thanks), and I've just got back from a massage. I think of it as pretty high self-indulgence thing to be doing - I mean, how pretentious does it sound to say 'I'm booked in for a massage." My 'masseur' tells me it's important body maintenance, so I am trying to believe her!

Today she focused on the muscles above and below my sore knee today, and.. wow.... I had no idea my quadriceps were so tight! Yeeow! It seems to have helped my knee, although it also felt better on Monday after the chiropractor and a dose of Voltaren, but then got worse again yesterday after not bike riding and sitting in a car driving for a total of half an hour. Go figure. Bloody thing.

"Do you stretch regularly?" she asked. ... Hmmm, um.... well..... I'm not very good at doing self directed stuff at home. Like I should be doing push-ups, and abs.. and I don't seem to get round to it...

"Have you tried yoga? - that's really great for flexibility..." ... Hmm, no, it's never really appealed, besides which, I don't think I could fit anything else in!!

She considers me a 'problem child'... and always goes over time with me... It's supposed to be a one hour massage - for $35 (which is cheap anyway). This morning's appointment was at 9.00, and she finished with me at 10 to 11! I wanted to pay her more but she wouldn't hear of it.

I probably should be doing more in the way of self-maintenance, given my body's propensity for all these annoying "niggles". Possibly what I'm doing is trying to run my body full tilt, without stopping to do a grease and oil change, and all the other maintenance type things you do on a car that I can't think of because we... I... don't tend to nurture our cars very well either...

I've booked in again for 2 weeks time; I figure I might need a massage after riding 100 miles on Sunday week.

So - I've paid for an extra chiropractor consultation this week - and off I go to this personal trainer weights session this afternoon. ($15 if it's shared - $30 if it's not.). Tennis tomorrow. Swimming squad on Friday afternoon. (Then the bike riding on the weekend.) I do feel like this very spoiled high maintenance non-working wife, with the only plus being that I know my husband would prefer me to spend the money on this sort of stuff as opposed to jewellery, makeup, and regular hairdressing sessions - none of which would help me ride 100 miles with him on a tandem.

I guess, in the scheme of things, this old jalopy probably isn't doing so bad, and I should be thankful. No parts need replacing. Yet. And mostly everything works. I'm just going to have to accept that as I get older, more fine-tuning and adjustments are going to have to be paid for to keep me on the road.

I'm not quite ready for the scrap heap.

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Self maintenance is a real hassle. I'm supposed to do a 30 min series of exercises twice a day PLUS ride a stationary bike PLUS swim. You knkow, these health/body care professionals are like college profesors. They think their homework is the only homework you have to do.

You just gave me an idea for my post this morning. Thanks, I'll credit you.
You don't sound like an old jalopy, Trace - more like a highly-bred racehorse!
Personally, I think the scrap heap looks like rather a comfortable place to be.
I've obviously talked myself up so much you've got the totally wrong impression, DM!

Rootie, I am always so mindful when I whinge (as i do!) about how good I've got it. I haven't been limping all my life like you have!- and I am just so glad about the news you got today about getting the op on your hip. My god, we won't be able to keep up with you once that's done!

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