Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You know what I hate?

I hate commercial television, specifically Channel 10. For buying Torchwood, which is a 'cult' TV show (more suited to the intelligent people who watch Dr Who on the ABC), and then f***ing around with it, and burying it in a MIDNIGHT TIMESLOT. Wtf?

And then giving the wrong information about their programming, so that The TV guide in the paper had it scheduled back in its original timeslot at 9.40pm on Monday night. So I set the timer recording for it at that time and missed it.

What I really, really hate is that it has just dawned on me that the midnight timeslot that I thought they actually broadcast it on was not in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, but Wednesday morning, and we didn't *think* about that last night when we thought we'd missed it. And so we REALLY missed it. AGAIN.

I believe... Channel 10 is totally f***ed.

I believe... they should stick to showing American shows, and leave the good stuff from Britain to the ABC.

.. in fact... I believe they should hand over the rest of the Torchwood series to the ABC who can treat it with the respect it deserves. (And where there would be no effing ads.)

I believe I want to get hold of the episode I missed. Somehow.



part one of the series is now for sale on DVD so the next ones should be out soon if CH 10 has given up on the show already.

Or you could obtain it by er... other means...
Oooh - ever since they killed 30 something for me in the late 80s I have been very wary of getting attached to property in the hands of the commercial stations.

Hopefully someone in the know out there will have it magically appear for you.
I tried watching a couple of episodes but just couldn't get into it. I know its a Dr Who spin-off but then I don't really like that show either... But I understand your pain.

I am a proud downloader of all TV shows from OS and even one or two Aussie ones. Stuff commercial TV - I only ever watch Temptation and Spicks & Specks now on TV. Marathons of many episodes of a series is way better than being screwed around by commercial TV.

Vive la downloading revolution!

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