Thursday, November 01, 2007


Rain rain go away...

Oh no, I don't like this forecast. Not for the Gong Ride this Sunday. See that word under Sun Nov 4? Rain. It's hardly appealing.. driving 1200km (return) so we can ride tandems - with our kids - 90km in the rain.

The only consolation is that the forecast is for North Westerly winds. If we have to ride in the rain, better to do so with a tail wind. (Rather than the southerly we rode into last year.)

Are we going to have to do it again next year to get third time lucky with the weather?

I will put my faith and hope in that word "easing" in that forecast. And the bit that says "periods". And the 'north' bit of the winds direction. And make sure we pack the wet weather and thermal gear.

Thank goodness my mother won't be involved this year. I can imagine The Look we would be getting. The Look that questions our sanity and parental responsibility, and expects us to fail. Because only bad parents would ride 90km in the rain with their children. Heavens. They might get wet!

The forecast is for rain locally over the next few days too. This will impact on Marc and Cait playing in a Touch tournament tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning. (The two of them will be waterlogged by the end of the weekend if they have to play in the rain one day, then ride in it the next!)

Rain rain, go away. Come again another day.

Like.. preferably tonight. So that Marc doesn't have to go to an 8pm Touch training session. 8pm?!! The night before the tournament? Wouldn't it be more sensible to get home at a reasonable hour? Have dinner. Get to bed at a reasonable time? Particularly when one's wife is making Moussaka for dinner after being asked (by text msg) during the week "When are we having Moussaka again?"

Speaking of which, I had better get up and continue with the making thereof.


Oh Trace - where is the silver lining? The tail wind sounds nice - I remember that area - I hope it is all down hill too?

ha ha - good luck with the touch teams and on the ride.
Never trust the weatherman. Then again... in my next life, I wanna come back as a weatherman. Get paid well to be so often wrong.


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