Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Call me mellow yellow.

Oh I wish I felt mellow. But, anyway, yellow is the colour of the day:

Pretty, huh? Wish I could say they hurt as spectacularly as they look, but they don't. The knee is the thing. It's recovering veerrrry slowly. There is an improvement, but only just. Today I can walk down stairs vewwy vewwy carefully. (Bet Rootie wishes she could walk down stairs full stop at the moment.)

I've also got the build up - physical and emotional - to the dreaded 'monthlies'.. and they're late... I have hints of cramping about to start, yet I can't use Endorphin Power (as worked last month) because I can't go ride a bike any crazy distance, or swim for an hour. (Tried swimming on Monday and that was a bust as well!)

Trying to keep a lid on it all. Must.. think... mellow.... yellow....


this calls for a chilled bottle of white wine...or red (that's your preference, if I remember). And yes, I'd give a back tooth to be able to skip down the stairs. in time.
Those bruises look like something you could use for leverage.

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