Monday, January 12, 2009


The one about the crazy mother and the shoez.

Last night Marc and I decided to whizz out after dinner to the summer holiday open air cinema. (I am still getting used to this concept of just waltzing out spontaneously, no need for babysitting...)

BYO chairs, food, drink etc. Obviously no need to dress up, but I seem to have reached a problem point with my footwear these days. I wanted to wear closed in shoes, but my joggers are really daggy - I need new ones - and I feel like such a frump. I needed something to brighten myself up.

"Hey Cait. I don't suppose you'd let me wear your volleys?" (These are the canvas shoes she has handpainted.)

"What?! WHAT?!!!"

"Oh.. well, it's just that I feel like wearing something a bit nicer than my joggers, and I don't have anything decent right now."

"You want to wear my handpainted volleys.. the ones that took me 5 HOURS to paint. On a TREK or something...?!!!"

"Trek? We're just going to the outdoor cinema thingy..."

"Oh! OK then, sure."


"Well, you just never know with you two. You're always going off doing crazy outdoor stuff..."

* She is starting to take orders... and once she's done some, she might get an online shop going. (For now she's advertising it on her myspace, which I don't even dare ask if I can see. (I mean, sheesh, you don't let your mother see your myspace!)

Nonetheless I am very proud of her artistic ability, and so I'll do my best to promote her little enterprise. I guess I might just order my own pair now too!

Contact her at caitlinmuffin(at)hotmail(dot)com for a quote.
Well, my word verification is far more interesting than my comment would have been "rebelwr"


Oh - the shoes look great. I have that problem with shoes.
awesome shoes!
& thanks for visiting my blog recently :)

word ver = domeome.... weird
All the years of crafting, cards and homemade gifty stuff has certainly paid off.

Well you do get up to all kind of outdoor stuff so I can see her concern. *laugh*
Fab shoes! I'd have been asking to borrow them, too. All I get is scaffy old cast off boy's trainers - and who in their right mind wants to want trainers that teenage boys have grown out of?
Wow, how cool. I'm sure there is a market for them.

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