Friday, December 12, 2008


Amused, bemused, irritated and inspired.

Christmas shopping yesterday. Shops a lot more crowded than Tuesday. Wonder why... Did people suddenly realise it was only 15 sleeps till Christmas? Or were they out spending the $1000 per child Rescue the Economy bonus from the government that landed in everyone's accounts this week?

Sometimes people watching is the only thing that keeps me sane in the throngs.

Overheard- "Oh! There's my stepfather with another woman!"

Unfunny: the toddler in stroller in Big W checkout line, ringing a bell (much like Santa does when he walks through the shopping centre, only he is moving, and this kid is not. Nor am I, I am trapped in the queue not far away, and if I was any closer I'd have mentioned to the parents with the self indulgent smiles on their faces that IT WAS NOT FUNNY OR CUTE AT ALL.

Also not funny: Mournful Toddler Bellowing in a bookshop. Yes, I know he was probably tired, so for god's sake, take him out and take him home. The bookshop lost potential custom because I left.

Inspiring: Two teenage dudes - with the requisite current hair fashion with sort of rats tails - who plonked down near me in the food court. (While I was scoffing a donut with my coffee.) What would you guess a couple of "cool" teenage guys would eat in a food court? Wrong. They each had a huge tub of ... fruit salad. [I felt so shamed, I wrapped up the second of my donuts and took it home.]


I am not doing too well on the christmas shopping. The idea of flitting around and picking up everything in one day is all very well in theory. Just not working out in practice. Help.
Pretend you forgot it was Christmas and hide all day in your PJ's.

Let the girls do all the shopping and cooking so they learn to appreciate the struggle.

Tell Marc it's his turn.

That bookstore menace was in my grocery store the other day.

Ho Ho Ho. You'll struggle through it. It's a mothers duty.
Hmmm - I am planning for next Monday for a few hours to get it all done...
Wow. I read an article in the newspaper last week with the same sentiments. It said people were having shopping rage due to annoying children and that children should be left at home when Christmas shopping.
I do 90% of my shopping online, in my slippers and bathrobe, with a cup of coffee. I learned this about 10 years ago and cannot go back.

I don;t understand why people shop with small kids. I mean, maybe they don't have a babysitter, but somehow I always found a way to go without them- church Mother's Day Out programs and such.

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