Thursday, January 15, 2009


The week that went nowhere.

Ms 15 is sick. Came down with sore throat on SAturday. Took her to after hours dr on Sunday. Tonsillitis. So she got antibiotics. (Syrup version as she still can't swallow pills.) By Tuesday, no improvement, worse I'd say. So took her to local drs surgery. The only dr you get to see when you make a same day appointment is the newest blow-in, new-out doctor who never gives you much confidence. Dr Inexperienced fiffed and faffed looking up stuff on his computers. Eventually gave us script for different type of antiobiotic but told us we should wait till the next day, as it can take 2-3 days to kick in...

Next morning she is WORSE. I fill the script. This time it's only a twice a day dose, so needless to say it wasn't a surprise that she didn't improve yesterday.

Today.. still no good. Worse even. Reckon I might be cranky I took the doctor's advice?

So we're off to the doctors again this afternoon. (Taking her to a different surgery.)

Meanwhile all she is up to (for distraction purposes) is TV and movies. So we have been through this year's Schools Spectacular. Just about every episode of Black Books. All three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and now we're watching last year's Schools Spec.

It's hot outside - there is no incentive to go out, or even to go upstairs. Our loungeroom is also the computer area. Distraction much? Oh yes, and I am easily distracted. I find myself sidling over to the lounge chair and watching too. (At least we are keeping her company, no?)

Now? Don't care so much, but can I concentrate on any of the computer (volunteer) stuff I have to do? Not a jot. Noise, noise, noise. Arrrgh!! It's doing my head in, but I don't have the heart to deprive her of a distraction.

I'm fighting off the sore throat thing too now.. just feels .. not right... Which would be all I needed.

Happy Holidays.

Ed: Glandular fever. aka Mononucleosis. Epstein-Barr virus. Kissing disease. (See what happens when you get yourself a boyfriend, oi. To be confirmed by bloodtest and throat swab, but it all fits. Yeah, I had it when I was at college. Hope I therefore have a good resistance to it, and that noone else in the family manages to catch it/have caught it and come down with it when we are headed off to our bike ride in Tassie....
Oh no - when are they going to train a few doctors in getting to the point and stop hiding behind antibiotics and theoretical solutions.

My ex-BIL's appendix burst last month (after he went to emergency after a few docs visits) because it seemed his food poisoning wasn't...

I hope your daughter (and you) are all better soon.

S. had that awful throat and was given a numbing mouth rinse. His cleared up quickly after the first few terrible days although the tiredness lingered.
ugh mono. I had that in high school. My sympathies to her, and to you.
Yeah, I had it when I was at college. Well, her throat is ok now, but the fatigue part is kicking in. She slept in till 2pm today! Then was cranky that she still felt tired. Fingers crossed it is a mild case.
That sounds awful. Hope your sore throat means nothing.

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