Friday, September 29, 2006


Some days are better than others...

If I could ignore the before school issues with HRH Princess Petulant [not cleaning teeth and lying about it; not making herself lunch; refusing to drink the milk again; not getting up in time to do all of the above before having to make the bus] then today was a good day.

Second day running I made healthy sandwiches for the younger two, with their agreement. Healthy lunches.. go me. Two out of three aint bad.

The building designer must have felt the whingeing vibes from that post, and called the next day - so today I went in with the house plans to talk to him. Some positive ideas, and a plan of attack.

I do wonder if perhaps I am a bit crazy, but I spent more than a few minutes, and some money, shopping around for red and white crepe paper streamers so that we can look like true Swans AFL supporters tomorrow.

And I have swimming this afternoon, so I should feel even better after that, even if I will hate it while I'm doing it!

And Marc will be home tomorrow!

(I had better do some cleaning tonight.)

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