Friday, February 16, 2007


Go Tracey Go

Lately I've done a lot of whingeing, and resolving, and trying, and promising... So much I'm wouldn't have the energy to link to every mention of them, even if you wanted me to. I'm not really on top of much at all..
Sometimes I think I need to outsource my motivation from somewhere. I don't know why, but this ad keeps coming to mind..

Although I've always thought it was something of a negative campaign. And anyway, The Chaser proved that in real life it doesn't really work...

Still and all, perhaps I could do with a No Tracey No squad to try to make me get off the computer, or stop putting foods I know I shouldn't be eating in my mouth.

Everything I ever learnt about positive reinforcement (my university psychology units have got to come in handy somewhere) tells me that variably rewarding 'good' behaviour works much better than "punishment". Quite often when I've actually made a GOOD choice over a food decision (multigrain, vegies, low GI... ) I wish I had a private (unseen by anyone else) cheer squad to do a "Go Tracey Go" to me. It might work better than the self-talking 'yeah go me'.

ANYWAY... Today I tried to get on top of some of the Stuff! I desperately needed to do. I didn't have to be anywhere in particular till about 3.00. Sad to say, nothing much in the way of cleaning got done. And I didn't get on the bike. And I haven't done any of the 'homework' exercises from my personal training session.

But I did get the dishwasher emptied by about 10.00, and the washing up. (And if you'd seen what I am like usually, that is definitely a Go Tracey Go thing.) And a few loads of washing. And I decided I had to get netball committee stuff out of the way. So at least I got some stuff done on that.

And I had my swimming squad class this evening. And I swam it all, with no back problems. (And I feel gooood). Go Tracey Go. And the massage seems to have helped. I had one morning (the next one) of not being stiff when I woke up! Then I went to the training session yesterday and had to (in a very controlled manner) move heavy stuff around, including my own body weight...

And so then I was stiff again this morning...

Anyway, I am in the middle of getting my 'half bike' ready to go to town early in the morning for the community ride. Which has meant putting the rack on the car... but I am going to do it, to get up at Some Ungodly Hour (it'll be dark - stupid daylight saving by this time of summer..).. but then I will have earnt myself a bit of a Go Tracey Go.. in amongst all the times when I really need a very very stern No Tracey No. Maybe someone should ring The Chaser guys for me...


GO! Tracey! GO!

(Soon I'll be able to see all your interesting links. Come on highspeed....Monday am )

Sounds to me like you did lots. Don't undervalue even one job done.

GO! Tracey! GO!
Go-o-o-o-o-o-o Tracey!
Love the Chaser!
I was going to say go tracey go, but I don't like to conform so...

Yay you!
Ha Ha, trust The Chaser. I love that clip. I love the Aussie response to the Garys.
It certainly did soudn liek you had a pretty full day even if you didn't get everything done.
I was happy that I folded the laundry and emptied the dish washer.
Wow, I created a monster! A good monster! A cyber cheer squad...

Thanks for the good vibes all...

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