Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A mention! An honorable one, at that!

An Honorable Mention is a synonym for 'runner up', or 'consolation prize'.. and 'you didn't actually win, but..." But right here and now, you'd think I'd won an Oscar or an Emmy. (Funny, the first word that sprang to mind there was 'Logie', but at least 50% of people likely to read this wouldn't have had a clue what I was on about.)

I entered Scribbit's Write Away contest for February, with this post... and blow me down if I didn't get an Honorable Mention. I'm so gobsmacked, I'm still picking my jaw up off the ground; I'm incapable of being nonchalantly blasé about it. I'm so chuffed, I'm even spelling "Honorable" the North American way as homage.

I need to thank (and link!) Chilihead for paying my post any attention whatsoever.. particularly when I finally submitted it in the wee hours of the cut off day (North American time.) I will have to be careful of this International Dateline loophole.

I can only assume it was the love-cynic bit that struck a chord, because I still think I need a whole lot of work in terms of succinctness with my writing (and, sheesh, I even had to check I'd made the right noun out of succinct there!) . (Husband's comment: not "hey, go you" or 'awwww shucks, darling...' but "geez didn't leave much out did you?")

Call me needy, but getting a pat on the back for something I've done alright at is .. very.. nice....very ... appreciated....

And, you know, go read everyone else's post, because they're all good. And congrats to Rarely Home Mom who was the winner!! And Janet at Dance Through who also got an honorable mention.

Linkety link link link!

And back to the biking blog tomorrow...

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If it wasn't me getting the honorable mention, then I'm glad it was you, T ;)

Well done :) :)
Yay Trace!

*double thumbs up*

it's a fantastic achievement

*cheering wildly for you from the west coast*
You crack me up! I read your comment at Chili's blog and had to come over here and read you. :-)

Come to think of it, on my blog I have an award for you too!

There's a *wink* *wink* attached to that statement though...
Glad you entered!
I know an "honorable".

Well done friend.
Yay, congratulations Tracey. how awesome! Ya See..."you are Amazing".
Well done!! You certainly deserve it.
As one who has been awarded a lifetime of Honorable Mentions, consider yourself exceedingly gifted, talented and unsurpassed. Except by the winner, of course... :-)
Congratulations!!! Seeing how much fun you've had getting the mention, makes it even better!
Good for you!!!
Aww, gee, I love you guys. You collectively just put my comment tally to a (record for me) double figures. (Break out the champagne!) And have paid me more attention over it than my darling family!!

Hah.. imagine how I'd be carrying on if I'd actually won something.

Thanks 'W.P' (how can I in all conscience say 'G'day Wooden Porch' ?? ..) I like your awards, and I might just get me one to decorate my website, lol.

Thanks everyone for dropping in to humour me!... I have been trying to catch up with all the new blogs - just seem to have had a few interruptions today... (interruptions to blogging, and commenting on blogs... how shocking!)
Way to go Tracey! I always enjoy reading you and don't you dare think you should stop adding to this blog.

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