Friday, February 02, 2007


Ohohohoh... our home is girt by sea

(Somehow transcribing the 'Ohohohoh' doesn't really work, does'll see what I mean in a minute...)

Back on Australia Day I was rabbiting on about changing the flag and becoming a republic and all that. As her Australia Day "tribute", strauss over at The Brave posted this youtube video. I confess I didn't get round to watching it at the time- partly because I figured I'd seen Adam Hills sing it before (on Spicks and Specks)

I finally did catch up with it this morning, and couldn't help but laugh. So here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it either. I suppose it will only make sense to any other Aussies, particularly those who grew up with Jimmy Barnes.

I like it.

There you go. While we're becoming a republic, changing the flag, and changing the date of Australia Day, I reckon we should go all out, and change the melody to our National Anthem as well.

And then you might be able to resurrect some Aussie pride in me as well. (When we get our butts out of Iraq, and Howard gets his nose out of up you-know-where...and... and....)


I didn't catch it either until now. It doesn't sound too bad, does it? More people need to see this to make it fly!
pmsl - reminds me of everyone doing Stairway to Heaven in their own styles - or Greg Champion on the Coodabeens, who can make any song a folk song.

And yes, girt should be in our everyday language.
I've seen it before on Spicks and Specks, loved it then, find it even better the second time around. What a great word girt is, did you see Billy Connelly having fun with it?
It's brilliant! And I know the second verse from my days as a choir boy (no, not the Run To Paradise sort) as a youngun. He's actually got quite a good voice too...
Jebus! How on earth did you find my blog?!!
Snicker snicker snicker

I don't have to stay if you don't want me to :-P

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