Wednesday, January 31, 2007


A melee of m-words.

I have finally got my head together enough to contribute to Fracas' Monday Melee. By Wednesday. Just. I'm sure she'll accept it late; given the time zone difference, I didn't see it till her Monday was my Tuesday anyway. And I was never much good at thinking on my feet.

Tracey's Melee Stew.. then...

1. The Misanthropic: Name something you absolutely hate.
Being misanthropic means hating humankind... which I don't.. but I hate the 'humankind' that are responsible for Guantanamo Bay and everything that it represents. I thought the "West" was all into Democracy, justice, and due process of law. And, you know.. human rights and that sort of stuff. (Don't start me on the war in Iraq...)

2. The Meretricious: Expose something or someone that’s phony, fraudulent or bogus.
Our Prime Minster and his cronies. Lies, lies, lies.

3. The Malcontent: Name something you’re unhappy with.
My weight and my ability to sabotage myself with what I put in my mouth.

4. The Meritorious: Give someone credit for something and name it if you can.
My long suffering husband who, for over 20 years now (nearly 18 of them married), keeps making it possible for us to do things I'd never have the guts to attempt by myself.

5. The Mirror: See something good about yourself and name it.
I don't look as old as I really am.

6. The Make-Believe: Name something you wish for.
"Imagine all the people.. living life in peace....... nothing to kill or die for.. and no religion too"

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Oh Tracey, I got a bit of a buzz from your first answer - I can imagine teh cathartic conversations you and I might have about those issues - yes indeed.
I am with you on 1, would expand 2 to include anyone who wishes to enter politics as a "career", 3 - I cannot comment on yours, but I know where you are coming from there, 4 - I don't know your husband, but good on him, 5 would be a hard one to do as my first response is always "stop frowning" (I blame myopia and the Queensland sun for those lines) and I love your response to 6.
I am totally, completely in agreement with you on #1. Well said.

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