Tuesday, February 20, 2007


What the hell?

It's just gone 11pm. Last of the three has been nagged off to bed more than half an hour ago. Suddenly I'm aware of this thumping noise from upstairs.


Still the thumping continues. Sheesh. I leave my skype conversation with Marc and tippy toe upstairs...

Light on in Ms 13's room. As I appear in her doorway I see her in the middle of her bedroom floor just as she spins around and sees me. She is clutching her mp3 player, with the headphones on.

'What on earth are you doing?'

'Um... dancing... .... I... ah... suppose I must have been making a noise?"


Earlier, after chasing Ms 11 to bed, I hear sobbing that sounds like it's Ms 8, who has been in bed for at least half an hour.

I bolt up. What's the matter?

Seems Ms 11 was so annoyed (to the point of crying!) that her little sister had failed, yet again, to remove her brush from the electric toothbrush base that they share, that she had to go and "TICKLE" her... Never mind the fact that she was just about asleep (or should have been.)

I threaten Ms 11 with going up and tickling, or jabbing, her whenever I discover, after bedtime, something that she has failed to do that annoys me. She realised pretty damn quickly that that would mean a hell of a lot of harrasment after she was quite possibly asleep. One suitably chastened child there... but sometimes you wonder don't you...

Marc is all "LMAO" about the first one. But then he's over THERE, and I am HERE, chasing malingering teenagers (and tweenagers) to bed every bloody night.


Hah.. other than that I have had a fairly good day.

This morning I had to go to a special School assembly to see Ms 11 inducted onto the Student Council. Nice 'tear to the eye and proud of her' moment, and one where you feel all warm and glowing about the positives the school has offered your kids .. let me see.. *counting*.. this is the tenth year now. (Plenty of things I get annoyed about, but today was a positive day. Pretty much.)

I came home, and went back up there an hour later to have a chat with her class teacher about making sure she is able to 'share' her Big Ride experience with the class. And other stuff about how she is doing.

And I took up that box of books, and the librarian loved them. Took them all, so I judged pretty well. And I gave a pile of kids music CDs to one of the kindy teachers, which were also appreciated.

I went to my personal trainer class, and she worked me a bit harder. Felt pretty good about it all, except when she upped the weights on the 'fly'? - on back, hold dumbell in each hand, hold out to side, bring up and meet in the middle. That one. My arm muscles are pathetic. And even though she was supporting my arms, I was scared I would drop them on myself, because there is no way in hell I could have held them up myself. Oh me of little faith in my own ability. (I felt almost the same when she upped the weights on that the last time, so I can only presume she knows what she is doing.)

She also tried me doing a bike workout to work on my hill climbing... with this pretty cool, urgent sounding music to pedal to. But the bike sizing/set up was such that I felt like I was straining something untoward in my left buttock. Freak out time! .. don't want that to happen! So I stopped. Just have to accept that I am VERY paranoid... to the extent that I may err on the side of caution. (Particularly 3 weeks out from the Big Ride.)

I also went out this evening and found myself some more voluntary work! Pfft, as if I needed it!! But I have offered to do the website for the Bicycle User Group that we recently joined. I have enough knowledge, that with some guidance, I can do it, rather than them pay the web designer who set up the site for them in the first place. It is a bit of a selfish move as well... I want to learn more, and maybe open some doors for myself. We'll see.

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Wow - I really don't know how you do it all, Trace - and to take on more volunteer work!!!
Ditto to Jeanie's comment. But then, I'm so lazy in life that even mediocre effort impresses me. =P

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