Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Time warp

Excuse me, but what the hell happened to Spring? It was only just winter.. and suddenly now I'm in summer - sleeveless shirts, sunscreen and a bike nix tan already. We seem to have missed a couple of months of 'in between' weather there. I really do like the whole concept of easing from cold to hot over a couple of months, and given that I don't handle the heat that well I really need the chance to get used to it gradually each year.

Today topped out at 31 degrees here (almost 90 F) and tomorrow is forecast to be hotter and windier. (Which will make it worse inland - thank heavens for the sea breeze with a predicted NNE wind here.) There are bushfires springing up all over the state, fanned by hot dusty winds (and started by asshole arsonists, but that's a whole other story...)

But for the lack of christmas decorations (and associated christmas induced stress) I'd swear blind it was the summer school holidays, instead of the October/Spring between term vacation.

Suddenly we have the easterly, ocean breeze-facing french doors flung open on all floors. The boogie boards are out, and the younger two hassled me to go down to the beach this morning... Given the temperature, I was more than up for it. The water was probably cooler than the average summer temp (though some summers you can get a cold current through that makes the water colder than today was!)

Just yesterday I raised the dreaded topic of what we should do at Christmas time. (And given the way time is toying with us, it will be here before I can blink.) With all the immediate relatives living many kilometres away, we have spent more Christmases away than home, and the whole thing is wearing a bit thin. On top of the frantic packing hassles (and carting loads of christmas presents up and down the highway), you really need your head read to leave a beachside house at this time of year and head for either the city, the mountains, or even another far more crowded beach.

Our beach at christmas doesn't get a lot more crowded than this.

Where would you choose?!!

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That's an easy choice- Christmas with beauty and all the comforts of home. Lucky you!!

It generally doesn't snow here, and the kiddos always beg us for a "white Christmas", but who wants to spend the vacation driving?
Wow, how lucky are you to have a pristine secret beach so close.
We would always spend Christmas driving from one rellie to another, when we came to Canada, the idea of having a quiet Christmas at home was so apppealing, but we really missed the rellies fussing over the kids and whatnot. We are looking forward to a rellie packed Christmas this year, even if it does involve driving. I hosted Christmas the last christmas we were there and that turned out pretty good.

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