Sunday, September 30, 2007


True Confessions

Late this afternoon I started asking Ms 14 to help me with dinner. She accused me of trailing off with my sentence, which she finds frustrating. Seems I do it a lot. She is probably right - I think I do do that. Something I have to work on. I told her that when she is at the computer I sense she isn't actually listening, so I tend to sort of give up. (When I don't yell that is!)

She says: "Oh I do hear you. I just ignore you in the hope that I'll get away with staying here longer... "


You'll keep kiddo.


On a similar theme, a couple of days ago she was talking again about her improved maths result, because since then she has come home with a Merit Certificate for "Effort in Mathematics" (which her father and I promptly "claimed" because we are the ones who made all the 'effort'.)

She babbles: "And I was talking to my friend about how on earth I got that because I hate Maths and I don't work at it, and my friend said "I reckon... but just imagine what you could do if you actually tried!"... and I said "Shut up, you sound like my parents."

Hope she sticks around that friend. She sounds like a sensible girl!

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Rofl! So many times I've said something to my kids and thought, 'Omg! I sound like my parents!' And yes, I agree...stick around that friend!
What is she doing confessing to selective deafness - she must have been in in a very good mood.

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