Friday, November 02, 2007


Follow me, where I go...

Thanks to the wonders of internety map thingies, here's an interactive type map of the bike ride we're doing on Sunday. Which will mean absolutely nothing to anyone who isn't at least vaguely familiar with Sydney! Think upon it as an education as you zoom in and imagine us (and nearly 10,000 other crazies) cruising along this route.

Most likely in the rain.

Daughter on the back of the tandem is the official photographer. "StokerCam" we call it... It's good that we might get some photos, but bad when she decides to do that when we are riding even slightly uphill. (Or downhill!)

The notable features that we'll pass are Botany Bay, the Royal National Park (which we ride through), and the scenic coastline north of Wollongong - including the spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge.

Back Monday!


This looks so great! Ya'll are going to have a blast! Tell us all about it, please!
How bizarre, you are literally riding past where I grew up in Sans Souci! If you rode up Alice St instead of Sandringham St you'd ride past where my old house used to be! You'll be riding past my old school - Sans Souci public!

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