Monday, March 03, 2008


Looxury. YOU were lucky!

Jeanie's comment on my last post put me in mind of The Four Yorkshiremen, and I've often thought of finding it so that the girls could have a laugh. Here you go... vintage Monty Python. Well NO! Apparently it predates Monty Python!

This is the original. Enjoy!

And keep it in mind everytime you're tempted to tell your kids they have it good these days!

I'll amuse myself, courtesy of Jeanie, by imagining my kids in 30 years time telling their kids they are lucky because 'when WE were kids, our parents made us ride 50km on back of tandem bike so that we could ride even further on back of tandem bike t' next week. AND they made us pedal as well.'


hilarious - I have never seen J Cleese that old (young)

yes Kids have got it so easy !
That is exactly the skit I was thinking when I made the comment! Thanks for finding it.
Love that sketch. But as long as your kids don't then say; 'and they made us lick 't gravel off 't road for breakfast?' you're doing OK...

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