Saturday, March 01, 2008


Temporary renovations

I'm throwing a bit of paint around here at the moment. I realise that some things still don't match, but I'll try and fix them tomorrow.

It's actually all a very temporary thing until I come up with an even better look and layout with the help of my 14 yr old graphic artist accomplice, and only because I didn't want to waste the banner she did for me! She's not really happy with it, and so we've found another blogger template and she's going to do all clever photoshoppy stuff with it, and hopefully I'll have a renovated blog look. Soonish.

I looked at transferring to wordpress, but, frankly, I got a bit kerflummoxed with all the the dos and don'ts.. I've thus decided to experiment with this other blogger layout, and, once that is sorted, with my own domain. I can't see myself getting important enough in the blogging world to be worried too much. And frankly, I should be putting my time into our actual house renovations! Or cleaning up this bloody house.

[If I could have figured out how the hell to stop the content sliding off to the left when the screen expands, I'd probably stick with what I have. I've compared and compared the relevant bits in the template code to a basic blogger template I've used elsewhere that stays centred, but I'm stuffed if I can figure it out. Bloody frustrating stuff...]
i love the new photo montage on your blog header, hope it stays
How nice!!!!!!
I like it.
Nice banner!

I have no advice about the slide - finally found your second column on the last one right at the bottom!

Aargh - stop playing - it will not let me post my comment!!!
Banner is excellent
Well, I like the header now...
The side bar should appear if you expand your screen (if you have a lower resolution) - ie. close Favorites, and it should surely all fit in - total is only 750px wide. It's when you have a large resolution and don't have that Favorites or History column on your browser, that the main column goes west and doesn't all sit in the middle. Perhaps I stuffed it when I switched the sidebar to the right on the original template. I've poured over and over the html code and compared it to basic templates where it all stays centred, and I can't figure it out.

The banner won't be the same when I transfer to the new layout, but Cait intends to base it on that - and make it better. She wasn't really happy with this one.. and hadn't actually 'finished' it. I just wanted to use it for a little while at least. But the new one will possibly use those same images.. just in an even more artistic way!
I love your new banner - your daughter is awesome !

I love the blogger tip and trciks website and Hacksophere - you can always ask them maybe.
Very nice banner. I like it. I looked into Word press a while ago too, and found it too hard. I wanted to transfer my files over from my old blog. I know it can to done, but I am too stupid to comprehend, so I left it.
WE are in reno mode now too. Unfortunately no time to blog anything sensible. We move into the new place on Friday - so bear with me.

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