Friday, February 22, 2008


Mission impossible.

Proof that I am TOTALLY crazy. I just signed up to do a 2km 'ocean' swim. On Sunday. The guys in my swimming squad talked me into it.

It actually isn't in the ocean. As such. It's in the harbour. Which makes ALL the difference (!)

The day's events comprise a 2000m swim, a 600m swim (around the jetty)... and a 250m. I did the 600m swim a few years ago, and found it easier than I had anticipated. OK, so I wasn't fast, but then, I'm never fast and never will be. The challenge for me is in the doing, rather than the winning, really. (That time when I emerged from the water, some marshals were exhorting me to run to the finish line, and I was all 'are you kidding? - me + swimming costume = not doing anything that might promote wobbling or jiggling of any uncovered parts. Plus I had Marc lined up to drop my towel down to me from the jetty so I could cover myself asap!)

So. A challenge. It has to be the 2000, because I've already ticked the 600m box. I actually have no idea if I can do it! Could be a bit embarrassing if I have to be fished out of the harbour. I just hope that my 2 x one hour swimming squads per week (in which we total over 2000m in a combination of warm up, drills and various speeds and distances of freestyle) will have given me the fitness I'll need. Sometimes we do a 1km swim in the class. 40 laps of a 25m pool. A lot of turning at each end, though. No turning at any ends with this! (Which is good and bad. It does mean you can get into a rhythm. But it means no assistance from pushing off a wall umpteen times.)

I was never a swimmer when I was a kid. I did learn to swim classes, and once I could manage 50m, that was it. I could 'swim'. About 5 years ago as I watched my 9 and 7 year olds trawling up and down a pool for an hour in their squad classes, I realised that they could swim better than me. Serendipity provided an adult swim squad at the same swimming centre, and I have been going either once or twice a week ever since. It has improved my swimming unbelievably, and it has also improved my fitness. And it re-introduced me to those exercise endorphins, whereby even if you are totally stuffed while trying to do the class, you feel all zingy-zing-zing the rest of the day.

I don't know that I'll feel any zing after attempting 2km, but, bugger it. I'm going to try.

Let's call it 'Mum putting her 'money' where her mouth is in regard to giving things a go.

Or you can just call me CrazyTrace.


see how you go in this swim and then when you pop over here to WA to see the Pinnacles you can do the Busselton Jetty Swim too!
bring your bikes and cycle the Bibbulmun Track

now I'm getting carried away ;)
3.6km swim! Sheesh Shish! (Well, the relay could be something to work towards! Not that I can convince my older two to do our Jetty swim, not even the 600m. Cait has given up swimming. Ali likes to be able to see the bottom. (She'll just jump off the jetty thanks.) My only hope is Zoe. Maybe next year... have to be 10 to do it.

The Bibbulmun track looks terrific. Though it looks like a walking track as opposed to cycling. Not that that would stop us. Have been thinking about getting the girls into bushwalking (of the camping out type.)

You never know! Yes, you've piqued my interest!!
Bloody hell, Good on you Trace. Can't wait to hear all about your experience with that one. I can't feel the burning of lungs already ;) I used to be a strong swimmer, but not anymore, can't get past the fact that I will have to don the bathers.
you amaze me. I think you're going to live to be 100, and what a great example to your kids, as well! Go Mum!
Firstly, I am SO GLAD you survived the cycle on the previous post. I worried all day about you.

I remember doing a swimathon when we were kids for our swimming club, and we did 100 laps each of a 20 metre pool - but you are so right, such a difference when you can have your mini-breathers at each end.

Are you allowed to take a ring with you? Just in case?

LOL - I need a breather half-way through a 50m lap these days...

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