Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Reflections of ...

[Hey, I could qualify for Wordless Wednesday with this !]

Edited to add: Photo by Cait, who is becoming a bit arty farty with her photography lately! (Probably helps that she does a Photography unit at school!)

Confession: It was taken last Wednesday (along with a whole pile of other shots) after a storm. We had more rain yesterday, and so as I was hanging out the clothes today, ankle-deep in water, I decided her photo was more than appropriate!

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Ah - and what a wonderful excuse to not hang out the washing!
what a cool photo!
What an excellent and original picture - there is a vague sense of irony in this shot - a great puddle beneath an empty washing line.
Love the photo.
At what point does the grass give up, pack up, and move somewhere warmer?
Great photo the reflections are awesome -
The brave is so obeservant !

anyone can join Wordless Wednesday and most of them are not wordless ... you don't have to qualify -
join us anytime.
It is a bit of fun and you get to see and share some awesome and funny pictures.
Plus ... traffic -if it is what you want LOL
I'll have to show you some more of my daughter's budding photography! It is ironic, isn't it... which is what she was getting at I guess.

PM, the weather is still so warm, and with humid sunny days in between the rain, the grass just goes ballistic. Thank heavens it had all dried out just enough that I mowed it on Tuesday.

One day later, the puddle has disappeared, but the ground is just so saturated that another downfall will give us ponds again.

It is actually better standing out there hanging clothes out when there's the water. This next stage is *squelch, squelch*, but funnily enough I think the grass is thicker and more resilient than it used to be!

We are supposed to keep getting rain right through to the end of autumn!

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