Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just passing through...

I'm not meant to be blogging. I didn't actually promise not to, but it was "suggested" to me that I shouldn't do another blog post until I'd written a letter to the editor to the bicycle magazine we just received. We are cheesed off about an article's ill-informed mention/description about what it is like to ride a tandem. I'm going to write the damn letter because I'm as flabbergasted as he is about it. But not just now. I'm tired, and not coherent enough to make much sense.

Funny how that's not preventing me from writing a blog post.

We did our usual 90km ride on the tandem this morning. When I get up at 5am I think I'm bloody insane. Once we're riding - starting in the dark, mind you, but with the super-whammy-deluxe headlamp that the crazy husband bought to do his adventure race - all but as bright as a car headlight - then I start warming to the idea, if not to the temperature. Which was 5 degrees (C) this morning - so there was no shortage of warming to be done. By the time we joined the community ride, we had partners in insanity... and as we rode we all exclaimed upon how brisk it was and how cold the various parts of our bodies were.

By 8.00 we are back to the city centre for coffee and food, and much chit chat, and I am totally glad I have come.

Even with another 23km to home, the total of 92km on the speedo as I stagger into the house can't help but build some feelings of virtuosity.

Shower, chug down a coffee, then onto the netball for the kids. And a drive back into town to drop one (plus a friend) off to play another game in there - and for Marc to paddle in the kayak club race. He took the single kayak today- my bum is still sore where I've pulled (torn) a muscle - and which doesn't make for comfortable sitting. 50 minutes in a kayak didn't seem like such a good idea when 15 minutes sitting in the car hurts. (No, it doesn't hurt on the bike, go figure...)

Still... I'm tired, and I'm about to ditch everyone here and go to bed.

Because we've got another bike ride tomorrow - an MTB one (mountain bike ride). Shorter distance, but harder riding.

You know something? I'm never bored on the weekends. Tired and incoherent, maybe, but never bored.



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