Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm back.. from outer space...

I have been AWOL, I know. (And of course you missed me... all .. errr... three or so of you!) It feels like a sin in the blogging world - to not post for a week and a half, that is - but I am proof that one can actually not blog for a few days and still survive! Today, however, I am back to procrastinating about housework. Ergo I seem to have... um.. found time to ... blog.

It has been a slightly madder than usual week or so in our household, so much so that I feel compelled to record it for posterity. (And bore everyone senseless in the meantime.)

So last week I had three days of leading/hosting some local bike rides (totting up 150km over three days). The family took second place to these cycling commitments, and I know that a few things slipped under the radar - I was just lucky that Marc had taken leave for two days before his crazy race, so he picked up some of the slack. I was a tired girl on Friday night.

And then I had three nights away, with a drive to Sydney and back with two of the girls (totting up at least 1200 km in the car). In the day in between - Saturday - I took Ms 15 shopping for new clothes (how dare she grow between last winter and now!), somehow managed to get the other two to pack, and tried to catch up at checkpoints with the Mad Husband on this 48 hour (plus) adventure race. (The shopping for clothes bit rated almost as tiring as driving all the way to Sydney, especially when the Daughter accidentally picked up the wrong size when we went back into a shop to pick up a second pair of jeans, and so requiring another trip to town on the Sunday morning to change them! The things that mothers do, huh..)

The CrazyHusband started his race at 7am on the Saturday morning, and finished around midday on Monday (with about 15 mins sleep somewhere in there. Yes, you read that right. Two nights careering around either in a kayak, or on foot, or on a bike - mostly on muddy (and hilly) bush tracks.) I last saw him on Sunday around midday - in a rather tired, wet, sweaty and muddy state at a checkpoint near our house. (Needless to say there was no passionate, nor even snuggly embrace of the type I usually like to get before a few night's separation!) I left, with the two youngest girls, an hour after that, and got back Wednesday night. He left Wednesday morning for a work trip, which, late yesterday, got extended to two nights, and so I haven't yet actually been able to wrap my arms around him as confirmation of his survival and intactedness after what I now refer to as his 'three day bender'.

Tuesday I travelled in trains, and hung around the Sydney Opera House because MY GIRLS were playing in a 700 strong recorder ensemble with other public school kids from all over the state. They had a rehearsal 12.00 tll 3.00, then we had to feed them, and return them for the concert at 6.30. It was pretty damn AWESOME to be watching your kids in the concert hall of the Opera House! - and, believe it or not, 700 recorders actually sound pretty damn AWESOME! - a whole lot more awesome than they sound being practised at home! (I have yet to convince Ms 15 of this, but anyhow....) My mum and I also walked around city streets and shops for about two hours, which has pretty much cured me of any desire to walk around city streets and shops ever again, really. Tired legs, much? - as the teenagers would say...

Meanwhile, Ms 15 stayed home by herself (first time ever) on the Sunday night (and to all intents and purposes 'by herself' on Monday night, because she was unable to wake CrazyDad as instructed to let him know she was home from netball training! - unsurprisingly he slept through from around 3.30 pm till around 7.30 the next morning! Then she set off on an overnight train trip to Sydney - a school excursion to see the musical Billy Elliot (sleep deprivation seems to be a recurring theme around here, no?!)... and got home around 10pm last night.

I backed up for comp tennis yesterday, and so today has been set aside to conquer the mountain of washing that had somehow accumulated. (Thankfully CrazyDad did manage to wash and dry his filthy muddy gear...I'm not sure I would have coped with that as well!) The weather is not being particularly helpful - one minute spitting rain, the next allowing the sun to shine, so I am torn between risking the clothesline and cycling stuff through the clothes dryer. (Back to housewife mundanities ya think?)

Seems that while I was away blogging mates decided it would be a good time to tag me for various memes, each of which I shall attempt at some point in the near future.. (although me + "beauty regime" is something that just makes me pretty much ROFLMAO, and me + quirks? I mean, really... I don't have any quirks.. do I?.....)

Back soon!


700 recorders? Wow. Sounds like you had a busy time Tracey. Hope the weather was good for your trip - nothing worse than slogging round a city in the rain. I know this as I do it most days...
Oh, well, I suppose that is a good enough excuse to not blog for a few days!!!

Go sleep woman - even if you don't feel you need it, with your crazy family it might be worth while to bank a few hours!!!

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