Thursday, May 22, 2008


Nose stuck in a book.

This is my youngest. And, yes, she's always got her nose stuck in a book.

(This is one of a series of photos Cait has taken for a school photography competition... I'll share the rest with you later once she has decided on them all...
I loved this one so much, it is now my desktop wallpaper.. much to the subject's discombobulation!)

I love this photo too. She takes great shots. I like the fact tht the background in plain and light, it highlights the subject so much better. I love you daughters eyes poppping out as good stories often cause us to be in this state. What is the book she is reading - sisters grim? Is that what is says on the cover?
Thanks 'tb'! She took this deliberately against the bathroom wall... and teased the wide-eyed look out of her. Yes, it's one of the Sisters Grimm series, which she enjoys.

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