Thursday, October 09, 2008


Next purchase?

My husband wants to get us one of these:

Hah... only kidding. (Well, over my dead body, anyway... I may be crazy, but I am not that crazy.)

What he really wants is one of these:

(Image nicked from here)

It is a Rans Screamer Recumbent Tandem. Apparently it goes fast. (Figure that out from the name, much?) And is comfortable.

It gets reviews like this: (A sign a convert has considered putting up on the back of the captain's seat for 'guest' stokers:)

"Warning: Persons unused to riding recumbents are hereby warned that riding on this bicycle may lead to a compulsion to go out and buy your own recumbent. Management assumes no responsibility for dents to your budget that arise from riding on this bicycle. "

and this:

"If you don't want to buy this bike, do NOT let your stoker take a ride on one."

I've never ridden a recumbent - Marc has had a quick go on a couple. (Mind you, he failed spectacularly to even get moving on one he had a quick try of the other day - the kids were in hysterics - "My god, Dad can't do something!!!!" ) But those who do are absolute converts.

So I told him, OK, I'd have a go on one. Given it'd be a bit of a challenge to find one to test ride in Australia, I'm pretty safe, but with this husband, you just never know.


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