Friday, January 02, 2009


Constant cravings

This isn't a good start to the new year. Most of this afternoon I was prowling around the house restlessly, looking for chocolate, when I knew full well I didn't have any. Even though I knew FULL WELL that I seriously don't need to ingest any more kilojoules. How the hell can I have put on weight so quickly and easily over the past few months? (Feels like a new year's resolution coming on, doesn't it... ho hum.) I may have mowed the yard, front and back, today, but I don't think I burned enough energy to warrant any treats. Damned holiday season, where you eat whatever just BECAUSE. Will have to put a stop to that real soon.

We have been so fortunate with the sunshiney days. Beach Days! We got our Beach Days this year! To the point that I was secretly relieved that a southerly blew in overnight, and the grey, overcast skies and cooler temperature put paid to any thoughts of heading down to the surf again this morning. (On top of the super-sleep-in, catching up with the late night out on New Year's Eve.)

We've had a few great morning swims, though. Heaven knows, jumping around in the ocean, catching waves, and then wading back out again, constantly diving under incoming waves, has got to be rated as a good workout. (My leg muscles tell me so, anyway, and I think it's contributing to a bit of the slight weariness I feel.) My dearly beloved tells me that I'm 'really getting the hang of the body surfing', so I am quite chuffed with myself in that respect.

We also headed down there a couple of afternoons, even though the waves are never quite as good at that time of day (particularly on the low tide) - so I did manage to muck around with the camera a bit more. (All the time wishing I had more zoom.)

Low tide is always good for reflections:

And for those who are taken with the sand balls made by the crabs, I took some more photos.

I really don't know much about how or why the crabs make them. We think they are probably sand bubbler crabs. We just take them for granted at low tide.. They are funny to walk on in bare feet. A bit like masseur sandals!

I try to get all arty farty. Nothing amazing, but I'm working on it:

Beautiful shots - we had one day of perfect weather, which we spent driving home, followed by yesterday and today overcast and rainy - no beach opportunities whatsoever.

Does traipsing around shops count as exercise? And I have ensured I have eaten all Salt and Vinegar chips in the house in the name of taking away temptation.
Jeanie, I was looking at the radar around your neck of the woods yesterday, and you were certainly copping the rain.

I wish that traipsing around shops counted as exercise. If that was so, my clothes would not be so tight on me.

Funny how I do that 'remove all temptation' thing as well.
Oh! It was crabs! I asked my boyfriend what made those sand balls and he said worms.
Love the photos. The one of the beach showing the number of crab balls was wild. Thanks for the link. BTW Paul want's to know the size of the crabs and if you can eat them.

Love the dunegrass. It is now my desktop photo. Takes me away from the snow outside.

Have you decided on that course your mentioned earlier?
Hmmm, size of crabs is quite small I think E. Will do some research for you and P!!
Post coming soon re my forthcoming educaton options.

So, Pix, guess there's not too many beaches out your way!!! :p

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