Monday, November 20, 2006


Fate, karma.. and reality checks

I won a competition! I've won an entry in the Big Ride.!

I think it depends who I tell as to the reaction.

Told some other tandem riders (on a yahoo groups site), and they are all like 'woo hoo, congratulations'! Told the girls at the netball committee meeting tonight and they just went 'riiiight' in a 'you call that a prize?' kind of way.

I was driving back from Port today when I got the call from Bicycle NSW on my mobile. My immediate thought (after the Oh My God, I won something!) was 'Oh boy, this makes things a bit complicated.. for Marc'. The only reason we hadn't signed up to do it all again (and I have it documented in that journal that he was already ready to sign up for next year at the Finish line) is that he wasn't paying attention to the different dates for next year's ride, and made himself available to be selected in this Australian Mens Over 40s Touch side to play in New Zealand next March. And it clashes.

He already has the clock ticking over making a decision - the Touch people need to know. They already had to make a case for not participating in the "compulsory" 10 day tour associated with it. And he knows I'm not really keen.. because it's a one person thing vs a whole family thing. and I reckon the Big Ride kind of had dibs. And we just bought the triplet so it would be a shame not to use it.. and .... and we now know quite a lot of people who will be on it ... and ra, ra, ra.

I spent the rest of the drive home barely able to wipe the smile from my face BECAUSE I WON SOMETHING - GO ME!... and worrying about being able to claim it.

I told Marc it was Fate.

(So far he has suggested - flippantly - that we go for the first half without him... Cait and Ali on one tandem (hah!).. and Zoe and me on another. One of the Sydney tandem guys suggested that I'd be fine doing it myself - he'd just have some logistical issues involved in taking the girls with him (to NZ) Hah! to that too.

So there you go... Fate. Karma.. whatever.

Now.. about my reality check on the weekend. Let's see if I can be more succinct than I was when I attempted to write about it yesterday. Alison was invited to go shopping with 3 other friends, by a newish friend who was wanting to do something a bit belatedly for her birthday. I finally got to talk to her Nan (who she lives with) about what was happening (wanting to be sure about supervision).. and she asked if it was ok if the girls went to visit Ali's friend's mum in hospital first. I was aware that her mum was in hospital, but to my shame hadn't paid much attention to the circumstances. She has a muscular wasting disease of some sort... needs to be on a ventilator.

Ah gee. No, of course I didn't mind. Aside from the physical ramifications, imagine as a mother being in hospital.. and not knowing your daughter's friends. And all that. Each time I went to speak to Alison about it I got all choked up.

Like I said. Reality check. With a pointy stick.

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