Sunday, November 19, 2006



New look. Thanks to daughter #1 who is becoming a bit of a whizz with the graphics. She's left me for dead now. Still tweaking the colours of headings and links... and she hasn't finished the masthead yet... still got a few more ideas of stuff we want to put on it. She spends way too much time on the computer these days, but I guess at least she is teaching herself some very useful skills.

I spent most of the morning doing a post, then lost it when something went weird with the internet connection (or possibly just the blogger connection.) I was a bit peeved about that. But as the post had been about a particular Reality Check I'd experienced this weekend, I couldn't let myself get too stressed about it.

I'll expand on that during the week.. when I find the time to get it all down again.

Must go to bed. I need to be organised in the morning. I have to drive to Port for a gynaecologist appointment. A few hours driving involved there... Then I back up in the evening for a netball committee meeting. I managed to get the minutes done today, but there is some outstanding correspondence I must tackle - before the meeting preferably, so I don't look like the complete slacko that I have been.

We had our first beach swim of the season this weekend. The girls went in yesterday afternoon - and I wished I did because the water was amazingly warm. So I went in with them this arvo. Even managed to catch a few waves in, despite the surf being a bit messed up with an onshore breeze. Just feeling a bit guilty that we did it without Marc. What he would give for a swim in the surf instead of the stress of the work in a grimy Asian city away from his family.


Site looks amazing! Daughter certainly has a talent. She could start charging! (she should!)

Am interested to know if that's your old site in the picture up top?! ;)
Can I borrow her? I need some printing done and my resident helper isn't around much anymore.

First you trip over them all day long and then they disappear when you could use some help.

Parenthood. Isn't it fun.
Can you borrow her? There have been times I'd willingly send her somewhere ...

When I told her what you said, K, she reckoned that's she's very average compared to what other people do out there. (Sounds like a familiar response actually...)

And, yes, that is my 'old' layout. Flipped, did you notice. Decided to leave it that way. After all, I'm "Crazy".
Love the new header!
Looks niiiiice! Very nice.

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