Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So Naprogesic actually works...

Change of plans for today. I was supposed to have the gyno appointment in Port Macquarie. Two and a half hour drive (at least) each way. Had things sorted for kids to get lifts to Touch after school. (Of course Marc would be on a work field trip and unable to step into the breach... I don't know how it would all work if I got myself a proper job!)

When the receptionist rang me yesterday to change the appointment time (yet again) I mentioned that I'd been considering ringing because my period was 'sort of ' starting (though it had been carrying on like that for about a week - it made for an interesting bike ride, trying to be prepared, and using tampons anyway... have I commented before how I think that guys just don't realise what we girls put up with!) She made another tentative appointment for me in 2 weeks time... as doing a pap smear at that 'time of the month' isn't really going to work.

The way things were going, though, I could have still been "spotting" in another 2 weeks, so I left the appointment for today. Then of course, I woke up to it starting full on today. Complete with the cramps, so I was pretty sure it meant business this time.

No point driving all the way to Port just to discuss what's going on so I cancelled (and now have to miss another Monday swimming class to get another appointment in the not too far distant future.)

So, here I am at home again, and sitting at the computer all day. I felt I had a good excuse to do so... being the sook that I am as soon as I feel any pain.. but now the Naprogesic has kicked in, so I don't really have an excuse!

Looks like I made one good decision though - not to do any washing. It's 1pm, and it has come over all dark and gloomy and thundery. I am actually sitting here thinking please, please, oh God of Storms, time it to pour down around 3.30, so we don't have to do Touch today. That's what good mothers do, right?! Meh... I have an excuse today. Last thing I feel like doing is standing in a thunderstorm.

What else? I have an ongoing saga happening with trying to get a price on a cargo barrier for the Landcruiser. You wouldn't think it would be that hard - but the employment of two Bobs at an Autoparts shop in Grafton - and the inability of either one or both to keep records of quotes they have rung people up with - is becoming worthy of a comedy skit. I now await yet another phone call from the original Bob,who, a few weeks ago, rang with a price when I was out, leaving the message with Cait. When I rang back last week to confirm the price he left, Another Bob told me that the Original Bob had left the job. And he couldn't find a record of it in his book. So Another Bob was supposed to ring me back, but never did. When I rang up AGAIN today, I got Original Bob, who hadn't actually left. But who also can't find his own record of the quote, although he remembered doing it. And so I am waiting for him to call me back. Again.

It would be easier, of course, to shop somewhere else, but we do live in regional NSW, and there is not often the choice of distributors for certain products. The price I got from the other nearest Distributor at Port Macquarie was about $100 more, so it is worth me confirming this one at Grafton. Indeed. Despite the saga.

The Building Designer rang me back! Hurrah. We can move forward.. he took a rough sketch to the Council Building Inspector, who had no objections to us submitting a plan with a garage extending out the front and close to the fence line. Which is what BD expected, but he had to go through the motions. The next step is to decide at what point do we get rough quotes from a builder. Now with only around $200 invested with BD and very rough sketch? So a quote would be VERY ball park. Or get BD to put $900 worth of work into a better plan so as to get a more accurate quote. I am thinking the latter, which would include Marc and me both sitting down with him, and nutting out what we really want. I suppose you have to throw money at this sort of thing if you want to do it properly. The big question is at what price would you draw the line and decide it is more economic to knock the house down and start again.

Talk time about that with Marc tonight, when he gets home from his one night field trip. He is scheduled to go to KL again on Sunday - for about 2 weeks - so it would be good to get the ball rolling on that. And it will give me something constructive to be dealing with while he is away... although ideally he would be the one more suited to talk to builders.

I am not really sure what I am more suited to doing. According to him it is everything involving birthdays, and Christmas, along with deciding what to have for dinner, and all the other domestic division of labour stuff that is logical for the full time stay at home partner to be doing. With my friend MiscMum starting to get all excited about Christmas already already - and me starting to do think my Grinch thing with it all (minus the stealing of presents of course... I would never do that!) - I have been pondering why I feel the way I do about it all. I am sure some of it is because Marc doesn't get into Christmas AT ALL.. so it is pretty boring trying to do the Christmas hype thing all by yourself. Particularly when you don't feel that hyped about it in the first place.

I am psyching up for a full-on post about it sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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The bit about the two Bobs is priceless! It sure would make a good comedy sketch. You gotta laugh or you'll cry!

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