Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Armed and dangerous..

For heaven's sakes.. what is wrong with me? Twice in two days I've cut my finger with a knife, and both times just because I was handling it stupidly.

The first was when I was wielding Marc's pocket knife to cut old rubber stoppers off the legs of a stool. He had been nagging me to buy replacement ones (but I'd put them on the 'non-essential' list before Christmas - something he didn't seem to quite 'get' for some reason.) So, Monday, I bought the stoppers.. and by hook or by crook, they were going on the damn stool NOW. I asked him to do it, but when he hadn't moved to do it within 5 minutes, I figured I'd have to. (Patience woman!) You wouldn't cut in a downward motion when your left hand was underneath, would you? Nup. You wouldn't. I would. Ouch. Middle finger, near the nail.

Last night I was cutting a nectarine with one of those wiltshire knives that live in a scabbard. It had some bruised spots, so I was hacking them off, then decided to cut off the rest of the flesh in pieces. Around the stone. Downwards cut again. Hand underneath? Yes. Why? Don't know. *Owww.* For god's sake, how stupid was that?! Pad of thumb this time.

Nothing drastic. Just inconvenient. I'm just a bit worried about what where I'm headed with this stupidity.


Every summer, when the tomatoes are ripe, I slice the ends off my fingers, holding the tomato. I keep my knives very sharp, so it's incredibly easy to do. Just...slice. My fingertips are a mess of little crescent shaped scars.

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