Friday, January 05, 2007


Blue Mtns Christmas (5) - one more walk

By Saturday lethargy was setting in.. thanks to this persistent cough, I wasn't feeling much like going anywhere.. and the book I bought and wrapped myself for christmas (yes, I succumbed to the depths this year) was getting exciting. Breakfast.. read.. coffee.. read... Marc getting twitchy... let's go for a walk... read... lunch... nearly finished...finished!

Ok.. now we can go for a walk. C'mon girls... up and at 'em... Do we have to? (Oh.. and here we were thinking you guys kind of liked the bushwalks)... Well, if you don't want to go you can bloody go round to Nana's... OK. Ok. They did. And, we dumped them and set off.. just as another storm announced its presence with a thundery rumble.

Mr Optimist said we should still give it a go.. it was just over the other side of the railway line at Blackheath.. not actually in National Park.. but there was this walk which went down Porters Pass (overlooking the Megalong Valley).. along under the cliff line, and back up again.

Seemed like we were pushing our luck setting out on foot while a storm loomed.. but we kept going, and it provided a brooding atmosphere to our descent. Then, as if we'd descended into fantasy land, the sun came out, and stayed out as we ambled along under the cliffline. As the tracknotes predicted the eastern end of the pass was popular with rockclimbers.. (in fact many of the cliff faces were studded with bolts - something I'm not sure sits well with me, except that I guess this wasn't national park ) and we were entertained by a few as we rounded the bend and started heading up again through a very canyonesque Centennial Glen.

As we reached the top (me wheezing and coughing as if I was running on 3 cylinders - which was probably literally the case).. the clouds rolled in again. Although it is a bit blurry, I like the photo of me (below) on Fort Rock, with the 'weather' in the background. I'm not usually that clagged out after a 2 hour walk (which is down as 3 hours in the guides) - but there is just a hint of drama queen in my genes.

It was a bit of a hike through the streets back to the car, but I was happy that we'd managed to fit in a bushwalk, especially as we'd missed the canyoning. The kids would have enjoyed it.. though I have to say it was less stressful doing it without having to worry about where they were putting their feet. We don't get much time to 'go out' together, and this is more our style than dinner and movies, weird little people that we are.

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What book?

Love the rock formations, love all the photos. If the lottery gods are truly listening maybe one day........sigh

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