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How to torment a "chocoholic".

I know I claim to be a chocoholic.. but the truth is that I'm more accurately a plebian Cadbury milk chocolate-a-holic. Pfft, I hear you say... Sorry. It's just how I am. Caramel is ok.. but basically, I can leave a box of centred chocolates sitting on my bench all year (after I picked out the caramel centred ones) .. but I'd demolish a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk or Caramello, solo, in a night, given half a chance.

I thought most people close to me knew this. And that, yes, yes, I know that real chocolate connoisseurs like Lindt, or whatever other Swiss brands, and ra, ra, ra, yeah.. shut up!

So, last week when my mum AND sister gave me (well, us.. Marc and me) the token pressie that we erratically exchange at Christmas.. and BOTH of them gave us a box of Lindt Lindor chocolate balls.. I was.. well.. nonplussed. I don't like the damn things... the softish centre makes me a bit squeamish, almost. And Marc isn't really into chocolate at all.

In the spirit of resolutions made to not end up like my mother, I didn't say anything (except to ask if they had shares in Lindt.) I did grumble to Marc and the girls when we were alone - a "grumble" along the lines of 'FFS, you'd think my own mother and sister would know by now that I don't like those sort of chocolates!'

A bit sad. It's really a case, with my mother at least, that she thinks I should like Lindt, so it doesn't matter what I really like. Thou shalt be given Lindt. Or maybe she just never takes much notice of me and doesn't have a clue despite all evidence to the contrary.

I decided to turn it on its head, and figured that, seeing I'm whingeing about wanting to lose weight, then if you MUST get given chocolates, then maybe chocolates that you don't actually want to eat are the best sort to get. Yep. Right.

The girls think it's pretty funny. They like them - they're not fussy - so, hey, all the more for them.

But wait. There's more.

Today, the visiting sister in law gave us "our" christmas presents. (They live about 4 hours away, and as I wasn't planning on seeing them (!) I had sent theirs to them before Christmas. - a book shop voucher each for the boys, and some home made (by the girls) chocolate truffles and shortbread.)

Guess what she gave Marc and me. Go on. Guess. .. Ah.. It was a bottle of wine. ('Huzzah!' I thought, ' at least I like wine!'). And then. A box. Of. Lindt. Lindor. Chocolate. Balls.

Caitlin managed to hold herself together while they were still here, but has since just about wet herself laughing each time she thinks about it.

Me.. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

The only good thing is that at least I won't be getting fat on all... that... chocolate....

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It's a bummer when family members who should know better (about your likes / dislikes etc) inevitably don't.

Maybe there's a bit of a stigma attached to plain Cadbury's ( as good as the next thing if you ask me!) and perhaps looked upon as being stingy if given as a gift.

Lindt lindor looks flashier but if it's Cadbury's you love then Cadbury's it should be...
I laughed. Ok not nice but so "family". My one sister can't remember that we like dry wine even though I remind her and remind her. She arrived with the usual sweet and 2 huge toblerone bars. Maybe I could trade for some of your Lindt?

I had Paul tell his sister that instead of bothering with gifts that I would just appreciate a bottle of wine, that they liked ( fussy people) to serve with Christmas dinner. They arrived with 2 bottles of unknown wine and more gifts than ever.

Might as well just go along for the ride.
That would drive me insane. Seriously, your family should know better. This would be akin to someone giving me a really cheap nasty book out of a $5 bin when they know I am pretty picky about what I read.

At the moment, I can't stomach even the sight of chocolate, any kind. You could always use it for cooking, melt it down and bake something extra fancy. I've done that.
lol - can I come visit you - I have a way with Lindt balls that just makes them disappear!!!

When my mother asked me what V would like for Christmas I said immediately "vouchers" - he and I have had that conversation - and he truly appreciated her gift.

His mother sent him a Michael Bolton Christmas CD - sooo not him at all.

Say - do you a trade of the above for your chocies?
Um.. a trade for a Michael Bolton CD? I don't think so! You'll have to hike it down here to make it before the kids pilfer them all, anyway.

Vouchers are ok, as long as you're not just doing a voucher swap like it seems we are now doing between my girls and Marc's nephews. There's the topic for a whole new rant though!
you kow, I love Cheetoes. The big puffy ones that make your fingers orange and get all over the front of your shirt.

So, you go with your Cadbury's and save the Lindt's to give to people in the hospital or who had a baby. Stick um in the freezer.
My husband and I are also proud chocoholics. We are terrible really, we treat chocolate like it is one of the five food groups...seriously.
The only chocolate my husband doesn't like (other than the cheap grainy no-name rubbish they throw out at the dollar shop)is fruit and nut...and of course my Gran ALWAYS gives fruit nut.
Thanks for stopping by my site and for the very kind things you said.
BTW, we are very happy that we now get Tim Tams in Canada. Hurray!

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