Saturday, January 06, 2007


Permission to Rest.

After telling all and sundry that at least I wasn't coughing while I was asleep, I woke up coughing yesterday morning. Typical. Marc did his frustrated "You should go back to the Doctor" admonishment (which tends to mask his presumable genuine concern).. so, being just bloody slightly frustrated myself, I rang. No appointments available. I felt like saying "Just as well I'm not dying isn't it."

So I decided to be a complete sloth yesterday, in an "I'm just so effing depressed" kind of way. I didn't move much from the computer, and even left the dinner decision making and shopping to Marc. (Even then I had to supply a list and inspiration.) Then this morning I was able to score a Saturday morning surgery appointment by ringing bang on 8.30am. This morning I felt ok while I was still lying down, but the thrush hadn't gone, and as soon as I got up to go to the bathroom I could feel that feeling in my chest again. I'm just so sick of it.

So I now have a different kind of antiobiotic (supposedly good for the chest region), and more Canesten... And the advice to "rest". Which is fine in theory, but hard to do, despite the fact that Aunty N. (Marc's younger sister) is staying, and amusing the children, and doing wonderful stuff like emptying the dishwasher for me!

Tomorrow we have the older sister-in-law (plus husband plus 3 kids) calling in (Classification: Duty). It is hard not to get stressed about the state of the house because she is a fastidious, obsessive compulsive housekeeper/person - and previous visits usually are the catalyst for a mad clean up, cleaning of windows, etc. This time I really couldn't give a flying you know what, because I am rather over her (for many reasons). And I am supposed to Rest. I figure SO WHAT if she finds our house appalling - maybe she won't want to visit anymore!

But the post-holiday detritus really did need clearing... (and the yard needs mowing - already again).. so we are in the 'Marc getting shitty' zone over what should have been thrown out or put away previously (when I wasn't unwell).. which is making for a hard day to play Lady Muck.

After a second trip to the local shops today (to buy stuff for tomorrow's lunch), I am sitting. Here. Because, frankly, when I'm not moving around, I don't feel as breathless and I cough less. (Unless I laugh.. so don't make me laugh, ok.) Aunty N has taken the girls to the beach, and I'm undecided whether to wander down for a saltwater treatment myself. Today has been sunny and warm.. a first for us (and here) since the day we tried to go canyoning. It seems a shame not to make the most of it. I'm sure I could Rest while doing so.

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sunshine definitely helps to lift flagging spirits, maybe a snooze on a banana lounge too?
you poor chicken, time to be selfish and look after yourself, bugger the visitors
Sishyboo is right. It's right there in the Book of Thumb, you don't have to polish up the house when you're unwell.
You'll end up one of those insane old women who clean their house, constantly, regardless of who's in it. From a psychologists perspective, it's trauma.

And props to Aunty N... it's a pure gift to have someone around when you're unwell. Brings tears of pride to my eyes.
I notice that above the comments there is a heading 'Collapse comment'.... yes, Tracey 'Collapse' elegantly and let your body gently fix itself. You've plenty of people around you to help out if necessary. Maybe your visitors may be inspired to do so, although that can be a bit frought, I know. I'm so glad that you went to the doctor again... having done so take his/her advice.
Thanks for the support, all. (And especially my new commenter whose name freaked me when I saw the subject line in my email comment notification!!!)

I'm feeling much improved this morning, actually.. think it was more the miracle of the new tablets - why the other doctor couldn't have given me those ones to start with I don't know.

I feel a bit sheepish with all the sympathy; it's been a weird "condition"... not really sick enough to be sick. I've had worse coughs, for sure. But its longevity had just dragged me down, day by day.

I'm nearly back though... watch out. *bounce* (No danger of me ever getting excited about housework though!)

Aunty N is going to vacuum (which I'll allow) and I'll prepare some food, bung it on the table, and sit back and let it all flow over me.

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