Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Be careful what you say..

This morning I'm chatting to Ms 8.. or rather, Ms 8 is chatting at me. (As I am doing a desperation-measures nit comb through before school.) She was telling me about how at school they had to write a paragraph about each member of the family. And how she had trouble spelling what her dad did - and that the teacher didn't know how to spell 'hydrographer' either (because she didn't know what it was...! - she had the same problem last year - perhaps I should go up to the school with a note to all teachers putting them straight on what the kids' Dad does, and while I'm at it, give half of them a lesson in how to pronounce our surname - it was wrong again when Ms 11's name was called at assembly!)

Anyway, after I put her straight on the spelling. (It's easy - hydro means water, graphy - means measure), curiosity got the better of me and I asked what she wrote about me.

"I wrote 'my mum says the only thing she's good at is avoiding housework'..."

There goes my reputation! Apparently the teacher wrote "Me too" next to it, though, so she may not talk about me in whispers in the staffroom.

It's probably just as well she used general terms and didn't say 'I don't have a clue what mum does all day, but every day when I come home she's on the computer."

Maybe I should tell her that next time she should say that her mum is a blogger. They probably won't know what that is either, but they might do better at spelling it!

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That's pretty funny.... I laughed, sorry
Apparently, when asked in primary school to write about my mother, I said. 'My mother is short and fat and likes playing cards.'
She was quite small, maybe a smidge overweight and yes she did enjoy an occasional game of cards. Somehow I missed a number of her exceptional qualities: intelligence, humour, mothering skills, delight in literature.
She loved my description of her and kept it, complete with picture of her cradling a hand of cards. Don't know what the teacher said, though.
I laughed too.

Shows how you can influence your children.

Start telling them you are the queen of the universe, perfect in every way.

Oh dear, they are probably old enough to see through that one. *grin*
That's nothing. When I was nine I wrote an essay titled "Why I Hate My Mother", filled with all the injustices in my poor wee life. My traitor of a teacher showed it to her during parent teacher conferences.

I've never lived it down.
lol- that's a classic Libby..

And even more of a classic Kimberly!

E, I am lucky that Zoe actually still does think I'm the best mum in the whole wide world. Whenever Marc or the other two (following his lead) stir me, she jumps in to defend me. Usually with a big hug, and a 'leave mum alone!!!!!'

It'll be a shame when she starts thinking I'm a cruel, hard horrible mother!

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