Friday, March 02, 2007


Bullet points.

Today I am jumping on the bandwagon..Recently I've read a few 'stream of consciousness' posts using point form.. and this is all I'm good for today. After all, it is Friday.

Around 9.30 am:

9.30 pm:

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Oooh - its so good he proved you wrong! At the moment I have the long distance relationship thing happening, and (even when he is here and in the house with me) it sometimes takes the Mum switch quite a while to flick to mute... I think maybe you need to go on a holiday without him (or maybe a bloggers conference therefore not really a holiday!!) and without the children.

I have no advice or concept regarding the teenager - just good luck on it. I baulked at t-ball for my daughter (even though I was a softballer and V was a baseballer, so a sport we can understand) when advised that the 2 local t-ball teams played each other EVERY Saturday at 7.30 - uh, no!!!

BTW - you will be so proud of us - we actually got the bikes going this weekend - combination of helmet problems and wheel alignments gave us months of excuses - but this side of the catharsis I have to say dd is in love with her newfound freedom, my butt is too big for the seat and I am SO GLAD I live in a flat place - may not be tsunami proof but makes cycling more pleasurable!!
I've done a couple of weekends away without him (funnily enough with other internet contacts), but because we spend so much time apart, I really didn't enjoy myself that much. I felt like I was wasting valuable US time. Perhaps I would feel differently if it was MY work. My ideal is time away WITH him but WITHOUT the children. Although that means he doesn't see the children as much!!!!
PS. Go you! with the bikes! And yes, I'd be disinclined to sign myself up for EVERY Saturday 7.30 start! I reneged on taking them surf club because it was an every Sunday 9am start!! When you have to nag them to get ready for it, it is NOT worth it.

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