Friday, March 30, 2007


The Good, the Bad, and the Just Annoying...

When you think about it a lot of what seems 'Bad' as you catapult your way through another day is really, in the scheme of things, Just Annoying - with acknowledgements for the concept to Andy Griffith and one of his classic kids' books.. (The kids have the book, but once borrowed it out on cd, and so are able to recite chapters from it, verbatim. Which is, frankly, Just Annoying!)

But first. What would I rate as Bad these past couple of days?

** The cemetery stuff up. That's so Not Good. And it rates as more than Just Annoying. Will try to ring my mother in law again shortly to see how she is coping.

** Accidents! So many on the news lately... it's doing my head in. Boat 'crash' on Sydney Harbour under the harbour bridge claims a few lives, horrific injurires, plus a 14 year old girl 'missing' (presumed drowned). Some cyclist last week killed in a fire in a tunnel crash in Melbourne. Another dead and more injured in suburban Sydney when a 42 yr old learner driver lost control of her car and ploughed into a group of people standing on the kerb waiting to cross the road or something. Car crashes, too many... and many you don't hear about...

** Much much more I could talk about worldwide. Just watching 'Foreign Correspondent' each week is enough to remind you about the atrocities on humanity committed in too many places throughout the world. All Bad, Bad, Bad.

On a daily basis, though, you'd go insane wallowing in all the sad, bad things that happen. Some days you get by if you just try to concentrate on the minutiae of it all. Today for some reason it seemed like a good idea to try to highlight the good, and relegate the rest to Just Annoying.

The Good:

** I mowed the front yard earlier, so the house, from the front, doesn't look quite so derelict. And the mower started first go, each time. Huzzah. That's good. You've no idea the issues I have had with starting mowers in the past.

** The scales were nice to me this morning. They worked again! And they showed me a number I wanted to see! The lowest I've been in a while. (Wonder when my post-ride slackness of this week will have an impact?) At any rate, it has given me the push I needed to get back happening with the exercise. We were talking getting up Early, him and me, and going in to the community ride tomorrow morning on our road tandem. AND talking about riding in from here! (20 km in the pre-dawn light.. yes we have a light, apparently... then about a 30km ride, then the 20 km back up the highway with more traffic.. hmmmm.. but we are fast on the road tandem...) I had a restless night last night, tossing and turning over not wanting to get up at 5 am again so soon already... But somehow the scales this morning have tipped me back over into the irrationality of a cycling/exercise addict. I guess we will do it. I then have to be at netball with the kids from 10am till I drop Cait off in town around 2.30. Maybe I can have a nap after that!

The Just Annoying:

** The Zoester is home from school - with impetigo on her scalp, bugger it. Took her to the doctor yesterday. The non-existent lice (from the lice check before going away) made a reappearance during the ride it seems, (hot, humid, helmet head, ideal conditions...) and somehow she's scratched, caused an infection, and a bump which turns out to be a swollen lymph gland/node/whatever... and has blistery sores on one side of her head. And because impetigo is contagious, it means no school for her. A bummer after missing last week. Plus she loves school.

** Yesterday I wasted an hour doing a blog post for our Coffs BUG blog and lost it. Bloody Blogger.

** The president of the netball club that I do the website for (and am secretary of) has email problems... every time she tries to send me an email with an attachment it goes haywire... I get several versions of the email, in various forms of gobbledegook, (got 33 emails for 3 emails with a photo attachment she tried to send yesterday) The attachments don't ever work. I am the only person it does this to, and it doesn't help to send it to a web-based email address of mine either. Yet, I have no problems with receiving attachments from anyone else. I use Outlook, she uses Outlook Express. They have made changes to their computer set up preceding this debacle; I have not. But they don't understand enough about how it works to change anything. I have had her send stuff to Marc's work email but still the same problem. Only common denominator there is that he has all his work email forwarded to a personal email with our ISP. Is it possible our ISP doesn't like her emails? It's bloody annoying!

** I have spent far too long on the computer today.

Not so good: (MOre than Just Annoying.)

** He is hating being back at work. Huge problems with the job in KL... and not things that he has control over. It has been a bad week to come back from holidays to. I was always concerned that the stresses of this job would impact on his health. Seems the mental health is more the issue than the physical health. I feel guilty being at home. All we can do at the moment is for him to hang in there till his long service leave comes up in August. Maybe I should suggest again him taking more annual leave. I personally think they owe him stress leave, but convincing him to fight for that would not be something I could talk him into.

** So much is better with "us", but the issues are going to keep haunting me. I don't know about counselling. Taking that first step to making appointments is the hardest.

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