Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some things rate big in the list ticking department.

A few more things to tick off the "Before Big Ride" list:

Netball handbook nearly finished. Massage. (Am spoiling myself.) Packing list written. Nit check on youngest and NO NITS!!!

But most importantly, today, period arrived 'on time' and you have no idea what a relief that is. Not often I am going 'YESSS!! It's started!!'. But it is not what you want when you are riding a bike for many kilometres. (And camping!). And I was just a bit anxious when recently it has been particularly erratic. Sometimes every 3 weeks. Then 5 and a half weeks. (Welcome to premenopause?) Last time and this time bang on 4 weeks, which is much easier to handle, thank you very much, body. Seriously. (Male readers who haven't run away by now.. you have NO IDEA!) I'd counted up the weeks from that last time and then just hoped against hope because I was really dreading it happening on the ride. One day is always really heavy, and so I was dreading the thought.

I had the worst period cramps I have ever experienced today, for around just one hour, so I was doubly thankful I had them today and not next week- and to an extent that made it easier to cope with. (Lesson for the month - take the damn Ponstan capsules 3 times a day like the dr said - before the cramping takes a hold.) Didn't stop me sooking out and getting pizza for dinner, but I am feeling like I deserved a break. ( I am actually feeling like milking a lot of things... but I'm trying to resist the temptation.)

Tomorrow? Last personal trainer session before ride. Chiropractor. Pre-poll voting for state election. And some shopping for food, and last minute ideas like decent raincoats for the girls in case this bloody rain continues. One way to guarantee it won't rain, anyway! And then another trip to town to take eldest to netball training. (Netball, netball, netball.. there has been netball something on for someone every day since Saturday... and will be tomorrow and Thursday after school.)

I was going to go to bed earlier, but now it's 11.00. Pfft.

I've been keeping on top of the kitchen benches and sink for a few days now. Something of a miracle in this house. Shows change is possible, doesn't it. Also have cut out coffee after dinner for about 4 nights running now. And I've eaten less. (Sshhh about the pizza.) And scales rewarded me this morning. Downward trend. Not feeling particularly trim with the bloated belly... but hopefully that won't last beyond another day, and I'll be rip roaring ready to go by Saturday. And after 500km of riding, you won't recognise me!!

Wish me luck with the packing. What's the panic? Still got three days!


Wow - we are in synch!!! lol - really feel for you with the cramp thing. Mine aren't that bad, but was wondering if my kidney stuff was particularly bad today or just partying with the uterine cramping!!

Congrats on the scales and the benches - still on my future to do list...
Going to try a spinning class tomorrow. Guess all your talk about getting ready has me thinking bike season.

Seems hard to believe that it's been a year since the last one.
Good on you withthe trimming down, I am such a slacker in that department.
Where does your big ride start from and finish BTW. Do you have to go far from home.
Good luck with the packing.
It's actually more than a year, E !! Last year it was in Feb.

This year we don't have to go far -just to Taree, which is maybe 3 hours drive from here. Start is at 1 pm, so we figure we have time to drive from home. (Have to register before that, but it's doable.) And then only a 40 something km ride to Tuncurry.

Route and everything is on the Big Ride website.

Good luck with the spinning class, E. Only my recent interaction with trainers and training talk has me knowing that that is riding a stationary bike and not making yarn from wool!

Go the nordic walking strauss. It is supposed to be one of the best forms of exercise there is. I've done cross country skiing (guess that might be more fun than walking!)... but I'd still like to try it. I'll just pop on over and have a go with you, ok?!

Spooky in synch stuff jeanie! I know they say women living in the same household can end up in synch, but in cyberspace?!! Kidney stuff doesn't sound good though.

Best get on with the day!
If we were in teh same neck of the woods I reckon that would be great Tracey!
And thanks for the Big Ride info. I will check it out.
Good grief. I thought spinning classes were some sort of sitting on something and spinning around. Shows how little I know.
Good to get any cramping over before the Big Ride, Tracey. Sounds as though you're well prepared.
I've been stationary bike riding for the last four months and didn't know that it was called 'spinning'. Thought that E was into arts and crafts.
I'm exhausted just thinking about rides and nordic walking.
It was HARD work. I sweat more than at my exercise class. My legs hurt, my bum hurts....but I did sign up for next week.

I can't even begin to imagine your ride T. I'd never last a day. I'd probably manage 5 km and then want to go home. *grin*

Remember to take the camera, charger, extra card and batteries.
Are -you- the one I'm cycling with? I started up yesterday...ugh! Soooo grateful though, as we're going away this weekend and that's when I was due. So if it's due to you - thank you!

Good luck with all the prep-work. Not as hard as the actual ride, but almost. =)
Me, and jeanie too by the sounds of it Kim! Very spooky. (Though probability will probably tell you that odds are in a group of so many women that at least x % will be menstruating at the same time. There are only 4 weeks in a cycle after all!

Libby I understand that a "spin" or "spinning" class would make you ride HARD... turning up the resistance, and even "hill work" ??

Think of how much good it is doing you, E,!!I'm very very impressed!

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