Thursday, March 15, 2007


The calm before the panic.

I feel like I am on top of things.. Hah - famous last words. More things ticked off the list... and I even found a missing netball bib when I was sorting through my 'washed linen' pile! Sometimes it's good to go away just so you have to sort things. (What sort of a house does this woman have anyway?! Answer.. you really don't want to know.)

I am actually looking forward to being on the damn bike.. which I suppose makes sense, because otherwise why am I doing it? But isn't it always the way before any sort of trip or holiday. You can get yourself so worked up over packing, that by the time you get away on your trip you are exhausted. Not the right way to approach a 500km bike riding trip though is it?

Kids' packing list looks easy. Till they go to do it of course. There will be sudden dramas over trivials like socks, or something major league. Like "I don't have any shorts that fit me", or something. For sure. Actually, I've already had #2 point out (yesterday after we were in town but the shops were closing) that her thongs (flip flop variety, guys....) were falling apart. Not that she needs them to ride, but around the campsite they'll want to get out of shoes. *le sigh* "And you didn't think to tell me this last week?"

I begged my trainer to spare me yesterday - "a maintenance session" I suggested. Nup. She upped some of the weights and the muscles in my thighs in particular are sore! Dammit! I hope by Saturday that they are suitably recuperated. Saturday's ride is actually only 33km, so it will be a good 'warm up' ride. Just as well.

This is the list of km we'll be doing... (sorry I don't have time to convert for you people still working in that quaint old imperial system...!!)

Saturday - 33km.

Sunday - 70 km.

Monday 90km !!!

Tuesday 66km.

Wednesday is theoretically rest day, but stupid us, we're riding because we don't want to put our bikes (expensive triplet in particular) on a truck. 60 something km, a fair bit on dirt, and riding 'up'. The 'carrot' is we'll sleep in a bed in this wonderful looking/sounding holiday cottage. And have a marvellous sleep in. And then meander along to do a mere 34 km the next day when we rejoin the Ride where the rest of them have been conned out of their full 500km! Wusses!

Friday 44km.

Saturday 83 km (and a total of 13km dirt.)

Sunday - it's all academic.. just 30km to the Finish, which is also where we started.
It's all at for anyone who is remotely interested.

Anyway, before we get there, we have to pack gear. Marc is "playing" with bike tubes. (His department.) I need to maybe type up a packing list each for the girls, collect all the nice, dry washing off the line and sort it.. and pack it... and... hey... we still have tomorrow!! And I am not going to panic. !!!

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Oh, good luck Tracey! Some crazy Canadian gal is praying for you!
I admire you, you are doing such great things! And from where I am sitting, though you might not feel organised, but you are REALLY organised. You totally get the job (ie the important stuff) done! The minor day to day housey stuff that's left for another day is chicken feed compared to the cool stuff you do with your family.
The BIG RIDE! Jeez I can't even ride a bike.
Have a blast, I'll be missing your blog while you're away x
Can't wait for the write up on your return. Have a grand time. the spin class we go slow, we go fast, we add resistance so it's like hill climbing, we stand up, we sit down, we do stretches while pedaling and all without the benefit of scenery. Can't wait for spring so I can cycle outside.
Have a safe and happy Big Ride, Tracey. What a huge family achievement!
E, your spinning class sounds awesome. You'll be looking around for a Canadian Big Ride next summer. Anything I do on the exercise bike palls in comparison.
E, after those spin classes, you'll get out to ride with P. and leave him for dead! You will need a Canadian Big Ride!! Or you could come on over to one of ours!!! LOL

Shish, my mum started riding a bike at around 60 years old. I suppose she'd had a bike when she was a girl, but had never ridden it very far. And anyway, how do you know you can't ride a bike?!! There's a new challenge for you!

I don't know about organised... I rattle around, and somehow in the end I get there... Two youngest have gone off to school without homework done this week because I wasn't on top of them getting it done. Yesterday I forgot about Zoe doing swimming for school - forgot to pack her gear, so she just had to go on the bus and sit at the pool. (Why the school couldn't ring me I don't know...I would have even met them up at the pool!)

Anyway.. we all do what we do!!

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