Saturday, March 31, 2007


Quite possibly insane.

We rode 75km this morning before 9.30am. Got up at 5am, left at 5.40 to ride into town down the highway (23.5 km) on our road tandem. Got there just in time for Community Ride 6.30am departure. Did 30km with that (easier pace though). Had a coffee, bite to eat, and a bit of chit chat with the other loonies bike riders, and then rode home. (Then I raced out 20 mins later to netball with the girls.. and only got home at 3.30.)

Guess what! I'm tired! And quite possibly insane.

But if I keep this up I will look 'effing' good in lycra.

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YES !! But in a good way.
Whoa, wish I read this one, before commenting to the first one. 75kms before 9:30!!!! Sheesh!
I woudl be tired too. But Ithk I would also feel that I have accomplished something in my day...already. You are a such an inspiration.
That was 'yesterday'! The Lazy Day post is today! Yesterday I DID achieve! 75 km, plus 5 hours on my feet manning the netball canteen/clubhouse. In many ways the 75km was easier!!

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