Friday, March 09, 2007


What a pig sty!

Marc informs the office manager at his work that he is ducking out to the doctors to see about the infection he has just under his eye.

"Ah, yes, I noticed that... so is it a pig sty?"


No, he wasn't joking. Just one more "W****-ism" as they now refer to them as in the office. Like

"Could you write a bit of a spool on that topic."


"Could you be more pacific."

Kath and Kim eat your heart out.

And, no, it's not a stye. It isn't quite up on the eyelid, but the dr said it could be a staph infection like impetigo. Or shingles. And the results from the swab won't be back till about Wednesday, so he has to treat for both. $50 worth of medication, thankyouverymuch. But, really that's neither here nor there. I have fingers crossed it's the bacterial infection and not shingles. Shingles would be bad news at any time, but especially so just a week out from the Big Ride.

But while we're on the topic of pig sties, I've managed in the past 2 days to get a bit on top of the kitchen. Not much else, but I feel slightly more in control. Of my benches at least. Exhibit A - missing one day of posting on here! Must have been doing something!

I got one 'monkey' off my back, by getting our tax info collated and to the accountant. Only about 4 months late, but because you can do that when you use an accountant, you fall into a very bad habit of putting it off and off until an apparent deadline of around mid-March. (That particular monkey had been clinging there since about October!)

I have taken over the ongoing updating of a website for the BUG (Bicycle User Group) that we joined, and promptly ran into problems with it. Of course. The web designer told me how to fix an anomaly between versions, but then, somehow I stuffed something else up. At least I figured it out myself in the end. Pat on the back. I'm also setting up a Blog for the BUG (and naturally calling it a BUG Blog, what else?).. so that has consumed some time as well.

I have a netball handbook to finish, and have to wait on people promising information and logos, and not being forthcoming with them. It has to be finished in time to be printed and collated during the week. It will be one other 'monkey' I'll be glad to have ditched before the 17th.

We should be riding this weekend as our last ditch training before The Ride starting next weekend, but we have a lot of kids' netball commitments. Grrrr. Maybe we'll squeeze in a short ride somewhere, and we'll just have to hope we've done enough. "More than last year", as Cait keeps saying. Let's hope there aren't too many more hills than last year! I haven't been on a bike since Sunday, but I kind of felt like a break. I've done two swimming fitness squads, a one-hour weight training session with the trainer, and a brisk 3/4 hour walk up the beach and back. Hope it's enough.

And that's about it. We're not getting up for the early community ride. Thank heavens. I'll have enough 5am wake ups on the Ride to last me for quite a while methinks. If you knew how much of a morning person I am. NOT. you would shake your head and laugh.

Avagoodweekend, all.

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my fingers and toes and everything else are crossed that your hubby doesn't have shinlges too!
I had them (a long long time ago) and they are THE most painful thing I have ever endured.
Mine were on my face, neck and shoulder (and I have the scars to prove it!) but thankfully not in my eye. That can be extremely serious.
Best Wishes
Shish x
PS I missed your blog yesterday but after reading about how much you achieved I don't mind so much
My hubby's step-mom uses the wrong words/wrong pronunciations all the time! My favourite is Jallapony Peppers.

Hope your hubby is okay!
Impetigo sucks. It's easily passed around since the oozing is infectious. Our youngest picked that up once during a bout of infections that went through his school in cycles. First strep, then impetigo then scarlet fever (apparently all from the same bacteria)

I sure hope it's not that.

You had me lol on the mispronunciations though. I have my list of ones that drive me nuts too.

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