Friday, April 27, 2007


Anyone for tennis...?

Not me it seems.

I am not sure what is wrong with me. I signed up to play my "Ladies Midweek" tennis comp again this year. It starts next Thursday, and I haven't hit a tennis ball since the last game last year - probably around August or September.

I could have gone to this social tennis session at the local tennis club this morning, but, no... I've put it off and off (again)till it is too late to turn up.

I am not that enthusiastic about playing this year, even though you'd think I would/should be because tennis is "MY" sport - the only sport I played during my childhood. Now, because I don't play much I know I am not playing as well as I could. Which is a bit frustrating. And our team played pretty crap last year, which doesn't really matter, but the friend that puts the team together just pretty much gets anyone to play. Last year our sixth player wasn't that good - like, you felt like applauding when she got the ball back over the net kind of 'not that good'. And while she is not playing this year, the new player we apparently have (haven't met her yet) is also apparently 'not that good'.

I don't really care that much about competition, but I am playing comp so that I will, supposedly, get a decent hit - with a purpose. If hit and giggle was going to suffice, there would be no need to commit to comp every Thursday. There is a point to competition because it does, theoretically, bring out the best in you, which is thus, more instrinsically rewarding.

So, the way it is though, a part of me thinks there is no point to worrying about how well I am hitting the ball at the moment. Just turn up and go through the motions, and .. whatever....

Tennis comp day can be a longish day - start at 10.00...(sometimes a half hour drive to get to the Away courts). The team plays 8 sets in total - with each individual playing 4 sets. The home team provides lunch - which I find a bit of a pain in the neck, really. Having to provide some platter of food - which seems to be some sort of competition in itself. Or having to eat what others provide which may not be your choice of sandwich fillings, thanks...

Sometimes we play 2 courts at once, so the day is over with by lunchtime. Other places only have one court available, so you could theoretically be there till after 3.00 if the sets are close. With a lot of waiting in between, and chit chatting about inane stuff that you don't really care about. (I think I'd rather waste my time reading blogs! At least I get to choose who I "listen" to!)
The computer is running very sluggishly this morning... seems to be a combination of slow net connection speed (feels like bad dialup, not 'broadband') but also programs working very slowly. Rather reflective of "me" today, and a teary start to the morning over other 'stuff' didn't help. A reboot may help the computer, but I'm not at all sure what kind of reboot will help me. (Probably a hit of tennis would have helped. But that is too sensible a notion for someone wallowing around in I don't know what.)

I am back at my swimming squad this afternoon, which I will enjoy (once it is over!!). The weather is cloudy and dull, and threatening rain, which I guess can be blamed for making one a bit moody. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, so there really is a 'cloud' over our bike riding in the morning - something I was looking forward to, despite the fact that I will grumble about the a 5am wake up. The only consolation is if it rains and stops our bike riding, netball will be off as well, and I can't begin to tell you how much relief that will give me.

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it's hard to get motivated when you have trouble being enthusiatic about anything. Just take things a day at a time. You can't change yesterday and tomorrow can be dealt with tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up about not getting involved.

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