Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Methinks my wrist is trying to tell me something...

Suddenly last night my wrist - my mouse wrist - got sore. Think it could be some sort of over-use problem? Hmmm. Me too.

I got Marc to strap it for me for the rest of the evening... - you know, so I could finish loading the dishwasher and all that stuff - and then after 8 hours of not using it -(only because of it happening to be sleeptime, otherwise I would have just kept coming back to the computer and using it)! - it was .. ok.. this morning. OK enough to do my weights class anyway (Last night I was a just a bit concerned it might affect my ability to push up, or pull down.. and let me tell you, my arms don't need any more challenges with this weight lifting malarky, being one of the weakest parts of me. Second only to my jelly belly abs)

However, an hour on the 'puter since I got home (my goodness, where does the time go?!) and I am feeling it again. Perhaps it is a message to shift my butt and go and do at least one of the domestic chores I keep bitching about and putting off.

It bothers me as I harbour grandiose ideas of getting paid work to do from home - with my average computer and web skills - but if I'm going to get periodic bouts of RSI type stuff in my mousey wrist, then it's not a good sign. Is it?

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get it checked, maybe there's a splint or something you can wear to rest your wrist until the problem heals.
hope it's not ongoing for you.
She-ra has an ergonomic mouse. I couldn't find a pic of it, but basically, the mouse stays still and you just use your fingers to move the ball around and click on the relevant button. I hate it but she adores it. Maybe you could look into one of them as well?
maybe I should just spend less time on here and more time cleaning my house!!!
no no no! that might cause permanent damage!
Have you considered getting a computer / laptop with a finger pad instead, might be worth the financial investment to offset the possibility of something nastier.
Best wishes
I agree with Shish!
LOL guys... But don't worry, I have this warning on my fridge:


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