Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Bearing in mind the dangers..

and the warnings by Shish and Magic... yesterday I decided to give my mouse wrist a rest, and do some cleaning! Yo! Go me! I cleaned! I CLEANED! Some windows! We can see out our bedroom window now! I feel like staying up in our room just admiring the view I can now see through the window. (Getting the picture of how bad things get round here?) Salt spray compounds the problems of a reticent window cleaner, I can tell you. There were patterns etched into it by 'creative' fingers.. which were a daily poke in the ribs about how bad it was.

I am still battling the 'proverbialing' into the wind factor with it all. The house has got SO BAD that I find it hard to fight the overwhelming sense of desperation I feel with it all. Cleaning one bit just highlights another bit well overdue for a clean, and I end up in this Catch 22-like spiral of what to do first. Which I have moaned about ad nauseum I know, sorry. Add the dilapidated state of the house, which means that things overall look a bit shabby anyway, and it's all a bit depressing really.

I also get more depressed because some of the women I end up hanging with (at netball, and I'll be playing tennis with them this term) carry on about their cleaning, to the point that I just feel totally hopeless. They are so driven!! In the mornings, while I'm browsing blogs over a coffee, they are whipping in, cleaning the shower and the loo, sweeping the kitchen floor, doing all the ironing... and that's all before morning tea!

I tell myself that they aren't stimulating their minds as I am, but it's hard to keep that idea in focus! When someone suggested we have a netball committee meeting at my place next Monday evening so that I wouldn't worry about babysitting issues, I nearly died. Despite the fact that visitor induced cleaning is often the only way things get done around here, I couldn't face the thought of it. I'd rather rationalise that the younger two will be ok for 10 minutes before the almost 14 yr old gets dropped home from training. (They will be ok - I don't need the pressure of visitors right now.)

So, anyway.. today being a public holiday, I am trying to use it to get on top of things. And to accept that to haul it all back in will be a long process. It simply won't be solved in a week or two. Like my weight loss goals, it'll probably take a year.

For my similarly domestically challenged mates out 'there', I'm sharing my little achievements here. God, it must make for boring blog reading, but triviality is what you get here at CrazyTrace.

So apart from windows, yesterday I put a spare tube on the vacuum cleaner to make it longer, and de-cobwebbed some of the walls and rafters up in our room. Long overdue.

This morning I've given Marc a haircut (clipper job).. which then inspired vacuuming the kitchen floor. A nothing job except that it required hauling the vacuum cleaner down HERE, despite there being more vacuuming to do in our room. I'll chip away at it today, remove some of the worst cobwebs and dust bunnies. And last night's cooking stuff that didn't fit in the dishwasher are washed! And the dishwasher is unpacked! (This is progress, folks!)

My wrist is ok. Moderation is probably the key!

*sighs* - It's just another Manic Mum day...

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I dunno Trace, this is a slippery slope. Next you'll be (whispers in horror) putting things away as soon as you've finished using them.

(normal voice) Do you really want to take that chance?
Go you - we had minor victories over the house on Anzac Day too! Of course, having someone else home seems to make it a lot easier to hook in and the team effort kicks in.

Magic - nah, I am sure the rash doesn't spread that far, does it?
Jeanie - maybe not, but I personally would prefer my skin to remain glow in the dark white, not scratchy crusty red!

Trace - not sure if you read my response to your question in my comments, but go ahead, I pilfered it from elsewhere anyway.
Go you! I *try* to do one bit at a time- clear off the dining table, or scrub a bathroom. If I get that done in a day then I'm good. and kudos for the windows! I hate doing windows and usually just close the curtains to avoid seeing them.
I swear you need two vacuum cleaners in your house considering your bad back and the two/three levels.

Okay, I checked the dictionary and all you people are right. Don't know what I'm talking about? The use of Anzac, instead of ANZAC. It was irritating me no end seeing it everywhere uncapitalised but it's obviously changed somewhere along the years.

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