Friday, April 13, 2007


This slack mother.. woman...

... chose to go back to bed and read this morning, rather than go and have a hit of tennis.

... finished her book, had breakfast at about 11.00, and has sat here ever since, apart from rising once or twice for coffee and to hang a load of washing out.

... wonders why she makes things so hard for herself - fitness and exercise-wise and socially!

... has two out of her three daughters being similarly slothful. (The other one has been up, out, fed and walked a friend's dog, and is about to go to a friend's place for a sleepover. I have issues with sleepovers (which I'll save for another self-flagellating "I'm a terrible parent" post).. but I suppose at least she is doing something.

Excuses, Excuses:

Well, I did get up and iron his shirt! Oh slack housewife I am that his shirts are not all neatly pressed and hung. In a wardrobe. (Hah.. what wardrobe?)

And, well, it is a while since I buried myself in a book. When I do, the family will tell you that I am usually lost to them for the duration. It's all or nothing with me with reading. I've just finished the last book in the Troy Game - by Sara Douglass. I've been a bit ambivalent about this series. Along with others who had been involved as moderators on Sara's bulletin board, I received the first two as gifts from her. I wanted so much to adore them, but I got a bit restless with the whole premise, and the details. (But then, I am a bit like that with all fantasy - despite which I get sucked in.) So, with Druid's Sword, I started reading it because I found it in the library, and just for the sake of reading. Despite myself I got hooked, and I've had my nose in it a bit over the past few slacko days. And this morning I read till I finished it.

I guess it's called escapism. (I do think that the better way to read fantasy epics is to start when all the books are already published, because otherwise there is such a time gap between books, you forget all the details!)


Family! Self! We apologise for this break in transmission. Normal programming should resume shortly.

Well, maybe.

Why did I opt out of playing tennis? Tennis is 'my' sport, and after being invited to play Ladies Midweek last year with some other mums I'd got to know (through my kids' netball - see there is a reason for organised sport - it's a way for the parents to meet other people!), I've signed up again, and the first game in the comp starts Thursday week. But I haven't had a racquet in my hand since the last game of the last comp!

But the anti-social idiot sloth in me didn't feel like going to play with 'all the oldies' at the Friday morning social tennis up at the local tennis courts. I don't really know why, I just didn't want to go. Just didn't want to mingle and make small talk, and I don't know why.

My legs are crying out for me to get them moving. Other than a barely 10 min each way walk between the Toyota Dealership and the Plaza yesterday, I did nothing energy-wise. (Although standing outside fitting rooms while children try on clothes saps your energy in a more debilitating way!)

I am about to take another car to another mechanic's for a rego check, and now that I've wasted so much time here, ideas of taking my bike and riding it while I wait have fizzled. Instead of sitting while I wait I will go and walk. Somewhere! For 20 minutes!

I just rang and got an appointment for a leg wax at 3.15. Somehow when I get that done it seems to strip away some of the sloth within - don't ask me why that is either. It is one of the few typical 'woman' type things I choose to do.

And then I shall return and ride around the block with Zoe, who needs to spend time riding her own bike, because she's just so cautious and timid about it.

And try to get back into the mindset of the woman who was thriving on the fitness, and the mood-altering high that exercise can induce. And on the centimetres she had lost but are insidiously trying to creep back on again!! Why is it that weight seems to stack itself on about 10 times quicker than it takes to lose the same amount?

Perhaps this slightly extreme trough I am in is a reaction to the intensity of the
Big Ride. (I still haven't gotten over all those 5 am starts!) And all that other emotional stuff which keeps jumping up and grabbing me when I am not expecting it.


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you could be right about coming down from the Big Ride. I find that I have to crawl in my hole for a while after something intense. It's called regrouping, and there's nothing wrong with it.
I am not a social person. I like to pick and choose when I will be in a group (not often).

I always sleep in on my non gym morning having packed a lunch for Stephen the night before. (I like making sure he is well fed )

I very seldom iron.

I consider any walking even in a parking lot exercise.

I am a good and worthy person except on the days when I don't like myself so much.

I thought the last book of the Troy series a bit of a cop out on some levels.
In total agreement with Rootietoot... you seem to have been using so much emotional and physical energy lately. Your mind and body absolutely needs to unwind. You seem to have a self-critic that's constantly upbraiding you. Bury her! At least for a few days.
Like Elizabeth I need time out, not necessarily the same way that she does. One of the worst times in my life was when I decided to stop reading for a week.
Exercise is great (actually I don't think it's much fun - although I valiantly try) but it's not the only answer.
Delete this if you feel like it. Take care, Tracey.
I don't feel like deleting it! I appreciate the wisdom and support of my cyber 'sisters' and 'aunties'. :-)

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