Saturday, April 28, 2007


Be careful what you wish for!

So it rained as predicted; at 5 am it was raining heavily enough that we had the sense to stay in bed and not take Option B of driving in to town and riding the community ride with our raingear on. We had decided that rain + pre-dawn light + highway was one too many risk factors. (Option B of a mere 30 km ride would have been ok if it was just drizzling.. but the rain intensity crossed the line somewhere in there.)

Amidst mad dreams that involved assuming netball was off, and then being told it was on, the phone rang at 8am. It was one of the others from the netball committee - they'd already made the call to have no netball today. Yee ha! I got up, put the wet weather cancellation notice on the website and then went back to bed!

Of course since then the weather has lightened a little with about an hour or so of no rain and only some light drizzle. You wonder then of course whether we could have tried to run it, could have got the games in. Meh! Not my problem. Wet courts with puddles.. who wants to volunteer to sweep them off?.. and then worry about kids slipping etc. And trying to decide during the middle of games if the safety factor has been breached. No, not me.

So, I have a free Saturday! But then's there's the catch. What do I do?

** Clean (you know how much I love that. Not.)

** Iron (love that even more. Not.)

** wash clothes - but I can't hang them out on the line, which is the only redeeming feature of doing the laundry! - I could almost say I enjoy hanging the washing out on a sunny day. (If I wash today I'll have to process them through our cabinet dryer, which is ok, but time consuming..and electricity consuming too - so do I wait and hope tomorrow is fine?)

** Do bloggy or websitey stuff - plenty I could do - between the netball site, the Bike BUG site and blog - our family tandem blog - write up our Big Ride journal - and I could do a whole heap of stuff on our family website to create a resource on all our tandems and that...

But my wrist is a bit 'iffy' - my 'too much time on the computer barometer', Marc has called it. Hmmm. Yes.. yesterday I spent most of the day here.. I did do netball minutes, but I did a lot of surfing and sighing and blogreading and sighing.

** research what new digital camera to buy (again, too much mouse-wrist time..)

** hassle Marc about him and me buying ourselves single road bikes, because I've just been invited to ride with a group of women riding road bikes on Wednesday mornings, and I would just so love that!! (Not a chance of keeping up on my single mountain bike though.)

We are also having to hassle the eldest for going into super-sloth mode, and say "ENOUGH TV! NO MORE TV! Get off the lounge!! Have some breakfast!!" (at which point she will try to head, pyjama-clad, to the computer, and sit there for hours playing with graphics and the like. She will possibly have her game on in town this afternoon, but it's terribly frustrating to see her go so overboard with the slothfulness.

I wished so fervently for no netball today because, early in the season as it is, I am a bit over having to hang at the netball courts for hours, manning the canteen and clubhouse. Talk about getting sucked in. A few years ago I turned up to a committee meeting because I felt I should contribute something given my daughter had just been selected in a rep team. And I timidly put my hand up and suggested I could possibly contribute something towards publicity and information dissemination within the club. (It was a bit lacking.) Who knew that I'd be stuck in the clubhouse for hours because I was the only one on the committee who didn't coach or umpire? (Today I'd been asked to stay till 4.15!)

So I had better seize this day of No Netball, and do something super-constructive to make myself feel OK.

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