Monday, April 16, 2007


This is Meez

I just wasted half an hour, and nearly blew up the computer RAM and Blogger, creating a Meez that I could relate to, and trying to upload the pic here. (Blogger somehow thought it should put it up 19 times!)

How hard was it to wade through all the popular culture and fashion to find a 'look' that even approximated me?! The hairstyle isn't quite right.. but then again, I SHOULD be wearing a helmet. And get started riding the damn bike will ya!! It reminds me of Zoe's tentativeness trying to get started riding her own bike. (The full version has 'me' whizzing off, and coming back doing a wheelie, which is so not me anyway...)

I went back to to get me a smaller version, and it has since decided that my browser is no longer up to it.

You'd think I would have something better to do with my day, wouldn't you!



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