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We did some (more) bike riding, as you might guess from the photo. (I like my new cycling glasses -they have interchangeable lenses, so that you can put clear ones in on rainy/cloudy days (or very early mornings!). A very handy, just before the Big Ride purchase. Sometimes I feel like we can be gear freaks, but good gear is good gear! - they make it for a reason.

Marc and I did the early morning get-up again on Saturday morning, so as to go into the community ride. This time we couldn't ride in because he had to stay in town and go to work. (We left about the same time as we did to ride in, because of having to factor in time to get the bike off the car!). Still, we rode about 35km we wouldn't have done otherwise, and got to chat to people afterwards. Sometimes, yes, I am social.

Today we dragged our poor overworked and over-challenged kids out again on a BUG (Bicycle User Group) ride of 40km - a ride from the Pacific Highway (south of Coffs) to Bellingen, but via secondary roads that more or less follow the banks of the river. It was a terrific ride; not much traffic, great scenery, and even through a fair bit of shade! There were a few hills, but nothing to daunt us. (The legs are feeling it a bit tonight though - so it means we must have worked at it!)

So I am feeling good that we have done "some exercise", and slightly less guilty for partaking of the lemon delicious quick mix cakes Cait made yesterday.

In between the activity, I am feeling weary, and I'm looking at the clock right now wondering if we might beat the older two kids to bed tonight. Despite my week of slothful sleep-ins, the 5 am start yesterday hit me mid-afternoon. I went upstairs with the idea of perhaps vacuuming our room - lay on the bed 'for a minute', and ended up dropping off. I don't usually do the daytime power nap thing - have never been able to - even through the sleep deprivation of night feeding of 3 babies. And it doesn't usually work as a housework avoidance strategy. Marc can recharge his batteries with a 10 mins power down which he implements within 5 seconds of deciding to do so - a talent I am just slightly envious of. Normally I only sleep in the daytime if I am sick. Hmmm, maybe I AM sick! Or perhaps the early mornings are beginning to reprogram me, proving that changing habits and routines is entirely possible. Not that long ago I would have laughed if you'd told me I'd be voluntarily getting up at 5 am to go and do some exercise. Now I am doing it more often than I care to admit, and I can even now mostly eat breakfast at that time without feeling sick!

I had very weird, intense dreams last night though. I felt like I'd been through the wringer; at 7.00 I didn't much like the idea of waking up. One of the dreams involved me trying to see a counsellor, who kept getting interrupted, and other staff from the kids' school kept trying to sit in on the appointment. When I got assertive and demanded they leave somehow it ended up with a whole heap of people trying to get me into a hospital (like being committed), and I was on the run, and flying overseas to escape them, and trying to tell my youngest that I loved her, that I'd be back, and that I really wasn't mad. Sheesh.. some strange stuff happening "upstairs" here.

Still another week of school holidays - perhaps I should attempt to achieve just a teensy bit more than last week.

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Cool shades! And I agree- good gear is good gear. I'm that way with garden tools.

What is it about men being able to sleep like that? SD gets in bed and 5 mins later is snoring 'til 5 am. I get in bed and read for an hour, turn out the light and twitch for an hour, etc. Forget about naps. He also does the 10 minute power nap and I, even if no one is in the house, cannot nap. It's not fair. I'm fairly sure it's a Patriarchal Conspiracy to Keep Us Down.

I've been having odd dreams too. I try not to think about them. Don't stress about getting stuff done. If you do, you do, if you don't, then you're no worse off than you are now.
Oh I feel for you - another week of school holidays? I am sooo looking forward to shipping my little one off tomorrow!! I may be able to get some things done. Important things - like catching up on everyone's backlog of blogs I have skimmed, and maybe commenting or blogging myself!!!
Rootie - 5 minutes?!! That's nuthin'!! Marc can drop off in 5 seconds! In the middle of a conversation. One time he even dropped off in the middle of his own sentence. Perhaps he can credit not imbibing of tea or coffee... but I think it's just a talent - but, yes, of Patriarchal Conspiracy proportions. (Either that or he just works a damn sight harder than me - with that ability to turn his brain off as required.

Jeanie! - I will be looking forward to your blog updates - I've missed them! I am not too distressed about another week of holidays because I'm still getting the break from ironing school uniforms, and getting everyone out the door, etc etc.
Tracey, you must go submit that pic to Shmutzie's spectacle collection (you get a link to your blog). It's a great photo! Her "milkmoney or not, here I come" site is on my blogroll.

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