Monday, May 21, 2007


The case of the missing sidebar..

Jeanie just discovered, after checking out my blog on another computer, that my sidebar doesn't appear on her computer, using IE or Firefox. Not that I'd have a clue what to do to fix it, but anyone else (of my very vast readership... *snorts* ) have that problem? (Could be the catalyst for migrating to wordpress perhaps?)

I understand a certain amount of HTML, and I have perused various templates, and obviously twiddled with mine, but I don't have a clue what a lot of it means!!! Where the hell do you learn this stuff?
I get my brother to do it for me - he's a techno-wizz.
No help from me I'm afraid.
I use IE 6 and I see everything.
Stephen says the version can make a difference.

If he wasn't sick with a cold I'd try and stuff him into the screen and you could pull him out at your end.

NO NO NO. If that worked I'd stuff myself in and come for a visit.
Hi Tracy I am just checking in after you stopped by my blog the other day...

*looking around*

...and see that you are also a 40-something-stay-at-home-mother-of-three-who-still-doesn't-know-what-she-wants-to-be-when-she-grows-up.

Heh, me too.

Btw...I use Safari on a Mac OS X and I can see your sidebar just fine.

I'll be back =)
Hey - maybe it is just me - I use Firefox 5.0 or IE 6.0 and can't.

Is it because I still have a dinky monitor?

ha - this may well be my excuse to spend all my dosh (when it comes my way) on getting bigger and better screensize!!!

Are you using frames? Not that that would make any difference as I can see frames.
I use Firefox 5.0 and have no prob.

Jeanie, perhaps you are "special"? Is it just Tracey or is it other ones too (I did read your post but can't remember)? Maybe you just need to adjust the settings of your monitor?
i can see your sidebar and i use IE 6.0
Must be just you Jeanie! Is your monitor pretty small? If you scroll right down has the sidebar been bumped off to show underneath all the posts?
What screen resolution are you running?

Thanks for dropping in Trish! It's always good to find another "40-something-stay-at-home-mother-of-three-who-still-doesn't-know-what-she-wants-to-be-when-she-grows-up"

Although I hang around with all sorts!!

Pity I don't have an html coding techno-whiz relative. Marc is a lot of things technical and computerish, but he hasn't added that particular area to his repertoire. Yet. No doubt he would code me under the table if he had time to put his mind to it.
lol - so I am special - but so are you Tracey, as you are my only "special" case where I can't see your sidebar.

I do have an old monitor, it is true.

Might be a good excuse.
I wish I knew how to fix it... !! Might go play around blindly in the Template.

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