Monday, May 21, 2007


One for my fellow 'strugglers'

I read something last week that made me feel just a bit better about not being naturally slim, and it is further impetus to keep on at doing what I'm doing. Of course I always knew that exercise was beneficial in other ways.. healthy heart and all that... but if what they are finding in this research is true, I can finally let go my extreme enviousness of people who are slim and don't 'work' at it. And know that even when it hurts, this exercise I'm doing really IS doing me good, in more ways than I originally thought!

Is skinny the new fat?

"When it comes to being fit, experts say there is no short-cut. "If you just want to look thin, then maybe dieting is enough," Bell said. "But if you want to actually be healthy, then exercise has to be an important component of your lifestyle."

So just for the record.. today I rode my bike (new road bike) - and chalked up 20km.. which included one decent hill, and a few other smaller ones. Not a lot,(relatively speaking) but I combined it with a couple of errands, dropping off and picking up things from people, so it also felt good to have used the bike rather than the car. One hour riding time. All good. So I'm also giving myself a tick for being environmentally friendly!

As an added bonus I have probably managed to embarrass my kids, because I rode past the school at lunchtime and heard a "Hey! That's Zoe's mum!!!!" from the fenceline. What a wonderful role model I am. Heh.

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lol Tracey - my daughter is still young enough not to be too embarrassed when I do duties at the school or cycle her there - although my reputation for making the children work out the change they should expect from me at tuckshop may change that.

Does traipsing around the shops count as exercise? Did 2 supermarkets today, including 1 in a shopping centre?

I haven't been able to see the sidebar for a few months - I just thought that you were quite a private person - LOL - until I noticed on V's last night that you actually have got one.
Would you mind if I put this up at Omega Women? This is wonderful!
Go for it Rootie...

Well, actually jeanie, that particular daughter still loves me dearly, and so wouldn't have actually been too mortified. (Middle daughter might have... it's amazing what freaks her out.) As it turns out, noone mentioned it to her. I'm disappointed!!

Traipsing around shops make you absolutely stuffed, I reckon!

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